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Monday, October 17, 2016

Halloween has come to our house!

For the past few years I've said to myself  "ugh, why do I want to pull out all the Halloween decorations!?"  Though fall is my favorite time of year, getting out all the totes is not.  I tell myself that my boys are older, they won't's such a pain in the butt to take the everyday things down to replace with pumpkins......but then I give in.  And I'm glad I do.  When I go through the totes of pumpkins, witches, cobwebs and ghosts I remember why I do it....simply because I like it.  As the darkness comes earlier day by day this time of year I like to see how the pumpkins faces light up with a candle.  I like to stitck a cute little figurine in a dark corner and actually see it's
 personality come to if that is how the creator meant it to be.  I'm always glad when I have everything positioned just so.  It's as if all these little trinkets bring a new life to the house.....the beginning of the holiday season......the warmth of candles......apples, pumpkins, orange and green penny rugs and wool creations....I love it all and I'm glad I decided to it.....and you know what, so are my boys.....22 and 26 and they still like to see the holiday decorations come out.  It's as if they provide them that "warm" feeling too, at least that's what I like to think, they never say as much, but I know they notice!   So, here are a few of my decorations.......

Hobbes likes the decorations too!

I like this little sitting area.  The Witch with pumpkin board is one of my Sister's wonderful pieces.  She gave it to me as we converted this piece of art into a hooked rug design called "I got you my pretty!"
I love to have a centerpiece on the table.   I could never have an empty spot!

These wool pumpkins are such cute bowl fillers.  I made them a few years ago when we were stationed at Fort Leonardwood, in Missouri.
All of the fabulous ceramic pumpkins I have around were purchased from Chris Farr when we were stationed at Fort Leavenworth, in Kansas.  Her business is called The Sunshine shed.  Her items are amazing!
That fun rusty arrow was purchased at Hobby Lobby believe it or not.  I love it!

This isn't really showing Halloween decorations, but I did a little reorganizing in my kitchen and I just love this spot.  Always have....perhaps it's because it's where the coffee is, but I decided to display my bennington and special pottery mugs.  The blue piece in our kitchen is actually a dresser that my husband refurbished by adding a long top to it so we would have more counter space and drawers for storage, we have such little space in our kitchen that every nook and cranny is valuable.
Love this little guy peeking out!
I think I've shown the owl on the top shelf before...I had to show it again.  It's an antique piece that belonged to my grandmother.....special meaning.  I think of my grandparents fondly at the holidays, but Halloween was always special as we use to go to their street for trick or treating.  Both sets of Grandparents lived on the same street.  My mother's father use to fill large paper grocery bags with sand and candles to line their walkway for the trick or treaters and he always had a big bowl of popcorn with butter and parmesan cheese.  The things we remember!!
I love this gal.  This is another one of my Sister's fantastic pieces.  She had it with her at a craft fair this year.  This gal "spoke to me".  You know what I mean?  She just had such a face on her that I knew whe had to come home with me.  Thanks Lisa!!

I love this corner of our living room.....
This rug is the first rug my Mother gave me, many years ago.  I think it was one of her first.  She says she doesn't care for it now because she can see the mistakes she made and says she would have done it so differently now.  I see nothing wrong with it, it has special meaning and it comes out every fall.
Another one of my Sister's creations in the corner......she spoke to me too....I mean look at that face!!
Yes, even the bathroom has to have decorations!
I love this little hooked pumpkin.....I can't remember where I got it which is strange because I know I haven't had it for very long, maybe a year or two....oh well!
I've always loved this gal!

See what I mean about the figurines having a look on their faces.  I swear they come to life when they are placed in the perfect spot.  Look at that guy! 
Yes, I am glad the decorations made their way out of the totes again for another year!  If you enjoy decorating the way I do you'll understand, but even if you don't, we all have those things that make us feel the warmth of the season.  Whether it's the cider mill, or even just grabbing a store bought  Autumn treat or special goody, we all have our ways of enjoying the season.  

Until next time.....


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

oh what a wonderful tour! I too love to drag out the bins & boxes of hallow's eve goodies...they bring a warm sense to the farmhouse for sure ~ love all of your decor!!!

Renee Goodwin said...

Thanks for sharing Julie! Love to see your house decorated! πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

Sher B said...

Everything looks great, love all your pumpkin figurines! I feel the same way about lugging totes, packing away the everyday dΓ©cor but once the seasonal items are in their place it does lend a special warmth and joy to our homes and hearts!

Happy Fall & Halloween!

Sandy Lowery said...

Thanks for the tour, it was wonderful hearing about your memories and seeing all the decorations.

Claire said...

I am really glad you brought out all of your decorations, Julie. They are delightful! Hobbes really adds to the decor as the perfect fall cat. Love the sweet little witch with the cat, too.

Ruth said...

Oh, that red vase lamp looks so beautiful! You have such a variety of decorations!

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