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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Open House ~ December 3, 2016

My I write this I am bone weary tired....again.  But, what a feeling of utter satisfaction I have when I look at all the wonderful pictures.  I have to pinch myself because I am so very lucky to be able to do what I love.  
We hosted our 5th annual Christmas Open House at our shop and home yesterday.  It's always a lot of hard work but I can't help buy smile when I look at all the pictures.
I think you'll agree!  With that I'm not going to say much more.  I wish each and everyone of you could have come yesterday but I am happy to share the pictures with you so you might be able to enjoy it through your computer screen (even though I know it's not the same)

The Shop

A huge thank you to my oldest son, Josh who worked the register for me and my youngest Son Jeremy who was behind the camera.

Our guests

Our Artisans
Lisa Evans from Folk For All Seasons

Denise Schofield

Ann from Dragonfly Pottery

Ashton Swaringen from Spool and Paper

Denise Smith from Silver Jewery by Denise

More candids of the fun day!

The Goodies

Our Home

Psst.....the star of the day was my sink renovation!

Sis, Mom and I

I'm just now realizing that I did not get a picture of my husband and brother in law Billy.  A huge thanks to them for creating ambiance when our guests arrived by having a big fire in the fire pit outside.  There is nothing like the smell of a wood fire!  They also helped the guests park and greeted them.  Thanks guys!  Especially a big thank you to my husband.  He is always there for me, doing the "grunt" work as we call it....stringing lights outside in the cold, hanging garlands....helping put the finishing touches on the bathroom remodel when he thought I was crazy.  He's always there for me and I appreciate it.
And then there is Mom.  Mom if you are reading this, what a beautiful testament the pictures on this blog are to this crazy little business we have created together.  When you look at the pictures of the beautiful items we offer, the shelves stacked with wool, the kits made up, then you look at the pictures of all the smiling faces, you have to realize that we are blessed to have so many friends and that we are lucky to be able to do what we love and have it so well received.   Thank you Mom for everything! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures.  It's the next best thing to being here right?  Maybe next year....
Until next time.....

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