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Monday, September 7, 2015

A mish mash post.....

Today is Monday, September 7, only 3 days until we load up and head to Danville, Indiana, right outside of Indianapolis for the Woolkeepers hook in this weekend, so as you can imagine we are in full on production mode......yet I find myself all over the place.  But, over the years I've come to know myself and I know that's how I operate.  There is a big ball of chaos constantly in my head like little compartments.  This is how the conversation goes....
1. We should load the beast (pattern rack) into the trailer first..
2. I need to tie off the kits Mom made and get them barcoded..
3. I hope I can get those 7 antique coverlets and 5 Autumn patterns drawn up today..
4. I can't forget to bring enough thread with me to punch up the two designs for Primitive Stitcher and Punch Needle magazine, that deadline is approaching..
5. I need to call and make an appointment to get my hair highlighted and cut....
6. I need to finish Flags and Pumpkins before this weekend..

and the list goes on and on...

but, these things are in my brain and it's as if my brain knows what is the most important and if there is something that is not a priority it gets put back in a little section where it will magically appear one day when the time is right.  My Mother, husband and oldest son are organized list youngest son and I are the fly by the seat of our pants types...yet, and I always have to remind them, we always get it done and done right, that last part is the important part.  My list is in my's what going on in there if you dare to venture inside.....

Flags and Pumpkins for punch needle.  I have gotten further since this was snapped.  I hope to have it finished tonight!  I am loving it and it has been a pleasure to work on.  Each little block like starting a new design...

These lovely pillows were designed by Mom.  Hers is our "Hook and Stitch" pillow, she hooked the strips right into the wool for the pumpkin and the stems, leaves, pennies and flower are appliqued on.  Mine, below, is the "punch and stitch" version.  Same thing, I punched the pumpkin directly into the wool and stitched the rest on.  The Hook and Stitch is already on the website,, the Punch and Stitch will be added by the end of the day.

Because there isn't enough going on, I've decided to revise a few of my older patterns.  Below is my 2 little pumpkins pattern (great for beginners)

...and here is 3 Pumpkins...revised..

My sister and I have been collaborating!!  I am adapting some of her artwork into hooked rug and punch needle patterns.  The first two below are her beautiful artwork.  Her business name is Folk For All Seasons and she can be found on Facebook and Etsy.

..and here are the patterns I've made that have been inspired from her work....(all are on the website in the Folk For All Seasons adaptations in both the Rug Hooking patterns and Punch Needle patterns sections)

...and a couple of new designs of my own...."Skinny Series ~ Witch" and "Celebrate Autumn"...also available on the website, but currently being hooked so no finished pictures just yet!

and here are some new woolens that we got uploaded to the website last week...

..and in between work we managed to fit in a trip to the state fair in Syracuse.  I love the fair and as I've mentioned before, the animals are my favorite part!

..and the home and garden section.  We were pleased to see so many rug hooking submissions this year.  When we did it back in 2011 there was only us and maybe 1 or 2 others.  Below is one of our regular customer, Gren Samsons submissions.  I do believe I see some of our Snow White wool in there.  Great job Gren!

Here's hubby trying the chocolate milk....tradition he says!

 And what would the fair be without Fair Food?  Here's some poutine (fries with gravy and cheese curds).  It may sound disgusting and very very bad, but, wow, delicious and it only happens once a year right?  Moderation they say!

 Then back home....I'm still working on the pergola.  Thank you very much for the suggestion of white stain.  It is working like a charm, hopefully will last for many years!

 I'm not sure about you, but our tomatoes are AMAZING this year.  We have more tomatoes than we will be able to use, but I am doing my best to use them.  I pick them and eat them as a snack with just a bit of S&P.  Lunch for the past 10 days has been an open face "mater sandwich".  Whole wheat bread, light mayo, tomatoes and S&P. Delicious!!  Anyone need any tomatoes?  Stop on by!!

 So, that's what's happening here, never a dull moment and my brain is always full.
 Indy, we are on our way to you.  It will be nice to meet several of you in person and I always love seeing what everyone is working on.  I hope to get lots of pictures to share with all of you back here on the blog.
I'm trying to be better about posting, so hopefully you'll be hearing from me more.  I know, I know, you've heard that before.  
Until next time....


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

great post today you busy girl!!!!! wishing I could visit the hook-in!!!
~ Lori

Jacqueline said...

Safe travels. Look forward to seeing your next post.

Unknown said...

You and mom are just just keep going!
Today I recieved my hook that I ordered from you....Friday I think? Wow! Now that's what I call service!
I'm going to give rug hooking a shot after I watched your tutorial. I'll let you know how I make out!
I love Sturbridge and Massachusettes in favorite place on earth! We vacation there quite often and Rockport too.
Love your blog and I will visit your shop very soon!

Colleen said...

The Woolkeepers hook in in Danville, IN... is it open to anyone to come and shop or is it only for hooking? I have recently started hooking again and can't find anywhere close to go to. I live SE of Indianapolis. I would love to get into a group that's not too far away.

theoldtatteredflag said...

...and I'm sure a lot of people would be happy to see you there Lori!

theoldtatteredflag said...

So happy you are giving hooking a try Patricia. Just give a holler if you need any help!

theoldtatteredflag said...

Yes that's the one Colleen! There is shopping Friday night from 4-8, I'm not sure if Saturday is for hooking or if they are allowing some in for shopping or not. Hope you can make it!

thanida said...

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