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Sunday, September 6, 2015

A wonderful hook-in in Massachusetts and visit to Old Sturbridge Village

More than ever I feel like I'm on a treadmill.  I find that I am the one who has to "reign in" my Mother.  As she has quoted, "she's a girl who just can't say no!"  I told her last year, "Mom, now that we have the shop along with the website we can't be taking on a lot of hook-ins or we are going to burn ourselves out!"  Well, then I started taking phone calls or answering emails inviting us to hook-ins, mostly along the east coast and guess who accepted!? Lol, I wouldn't change a thing though because what I've found is that we are in charge of our own lives and if I want to close the shop to attend a hook-in and meet the wonderful people who have become our internet friends, that's just fine!  In fact, we have lined up 4 hook-ins within 2 months, all within 3 weeks of one another, hence the treadmill.  The weeks in between the hook-ins are spent refilling the pattern rack, remaking kits, re-stocking the shelves with wool, having open hooking here at the shop.  But, we wouldn't have it any other way.  We have discovered that each hook-in is an adventure.....what place in that area will we visit.....what restaurant in the area must we try......what goodies will we find?  Another good part of our ventures is an un-interrupted few hours to just SIT in the car.  A running joke to many who follow us on facebook is the traditional photo of Mom sleeping.........

She swears that someday she's going to get me, but I'm not worried since she doesn't know how to use the camera on her phone, lol!  Plus I usually stay awake, never idle though, on the way to MA. I finished 4 punch needle pieces.  I like to stitch or punch in the car, that is if hubby is joining us and doing the driving.  
So, the first of four hook-ins was in Brookfield, MA at Ye Old Tavern.  What an absolutely charming location.  And much to our surprise, a lot of familiar faces were there.  The hookers from Kinderhook made the trip and I was able to meet several very good internet friends/customers.  It was so nice to finally put a face to the name!  Below is our booth all set up and ready to go!

Kinderhook hookers....these ladies are a fun bunch!!  And I believe a few of them are going to try their hands at punch needle.  Ladies if you are reading this let me know how you like it!

These nice ladies came down from Maine to join us!

 Doreen, the owner of Ye Country Mercantile invited us to the hook in.  I had seen pictures of her shop and couldn't wait to visit it.  She shares the shop with a wonderful kitchen design firm........

Of course we came home wanting to renovate our kitchen!  I then proceeded to engage in a little retail therapy in Doreen's shop.  Guess what Mom bought?  Wool!

 My husband is from Massachusetts so we met up with his mother and enjoyed Sunday at Old Sturbridge village.  First we started with brunch in the Oliver Wight building.  The brunch was amazing, but so was the room it was held in.  So very nice!!  My husband and I have had brunch here a few times and it is one of our favorite places... 

Then it was onto the village....a step back in time.
I had to snap a pic of this shirt!

Wool goodies of course...

Great early bag I've seen redone in several wonderful designs today!

I would sit here all day, with needle in hand of course!

Then there are those photos you have to snap because they might inspire a design in the future....

 Then there is the beautiful simplicity of living.  Do you think that when the ladies in that day were making their heavy fabric curtains for warmth and pulling them up to let the sun in that they would have inspired many of us to try to achieve that "look" in our homes all these years later?  When they were putting their homes together did they do things for looks.....intentionally.......with design and beauty in mind.....or merely just for purpose?  

When they lined up their crocks that were filled with necessary staples did they know of the fervor they would create all these years later with us primitive lovers to create that same look?  

On this day it was the 70's, but I felt for the woman who would have had to prepare the meals this way in 90 degree temperatures.  I did however marvel at the food warming in the ashes in the pottery bowls.

 You can't see it in the picture below but there were hundreds of flies buzzing around and all over the food.  We were horrified and I asked the woman about it.  She reminded me that back then they did not comprehend germs and disease with bugs.  They were just there, they didn't even bother them.  How times have changed!  One fly in the house and the swatter comes right out.

This amazing soap stone sink below was original and fabulous!  This is the woman who was cooking in the kitchen.  What a wonderful job these "actors" have.  As we were walking around we took note of how quiet it was, how peaceful.  They really seemed to enjoy their jobs, even the young men working in the fields and took time to explain the crops they were their heavy linen clothing by the way.  

 I love pigs....I've said it before....they remind me of my dogs.  This guy was across the pen and came closer as we were there.  I cannot explain to you just how bad he smelled.  Now, I grew up in Vermont, we always had animals around...cows, pigs, goats, horses....I'm no citified girl....but this was pungent, lol....

I think the potters cabin was my favorite.  In my next life I want to be a potter.  I have dabbled in it here and there but not seriously.  However, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting at the wheel and making a piece of pottery.

...and then check out this amazing beehive kiln.  They don't use it all that often but when they do it must be filled or the heat will be lost up the chimney.  I could have sat and watched the potter all day!!

 Of course I had to snap a picture of our wooley friends!

Early designs in the tombstones!

 So, thank you Doreen for the invite to your first hook-in.  We would be happy to join you again next year.  We had a wonderful time.  And what would the trip be without the tradition snoozing photo of Mom "after" the hook-in.....LOL, she's going to kill me!  I think I better sleep with one eye open.

Come back tomorrow as I show you what the latest things are that we are working on...
Until next time....


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Thank you for the visit with you & Mom at Doreen's beautiful hook-in! next time I'm up home I will visit her shop for sure ~

Sandi said...

At first I thought the pig was a bronze statue due to its colour! What a lovely trip to be had.

theoldtatteredflag said...

That pig was no bronze statue I can assure you.....LOL, man he was stinky!!!

theoldtatteredflag said...

Sturbridge is definitely worth the visit, lots of nice little shops....Thanks Lori!

Carolyn Vallelunga said...

What a lovely posting. I so enjoyed each and every photo and it's descriptions. Thank you for the tour. Why do we not faster travel yet? It is such an ordeal to get from Northern California to Maine. I am so glad Doreen invited you all for the visit and that you went and educated us along the way. Love the bee hive oven!

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