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Friday, June 14, 2013

A quick little post!!

Just a quick little blurb today, nothing serious.  We just got back from the gym.  My arms feel like noodles, but I am proud to say that Mom, Jeremy and I have completed our first 10 days.  Mom actually walked 3 1/2 miles around the track yesterday while Jeremy and I did our thing (elyptical, bike, weights, ab work).  I have to say that I am really enjoying it, not the actual exercise mind you, I never enjoy that, but the feeling of accomplishment.  Hopefully we can keep it up!

Here's what we are up to.....

It's been in the 90's here so Mom decided to give dyeing outside in the sunlight a try!  It worked great!

Here's what happens when you are 19 and only home for a few weeks, awaiting surgery, you have to work for your Mom.  Jeremy is being a good sport.  Here he is tying some skeins of floss for me to dye....

All ready for dyeing!!

I am soooo excited for these.  They've been in "this brain" for some time and have been screaming to get out.  "Reverse Pumpkins" will be done exactly that way.  The larger pumpkin on the right will be orange with a cream/white background, the pumpkin on the left will be a cream/white pumpkin with the orange background.  Both will be framed by Antique black border with the hit or miss designs you see, in orange, cream, green and another orange.  While it looks a little funky right now it is going to be very Folky!! I have told Mom though that I will not put it on Monks cloth until she gets the large "Stars and Flowers" done.  She only has 3 1/2 more blocks to go!!!

This gorgeous tree is in our yard.  It is huge and has enormous heart shaped leaves on it.  I have plans for the leaves.  Come back to see what I'm going to do!!

Until next time......

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Diane said...

Just found your blog and spent all morning, and by that I mean until afternoon, reading and learning more about punchneedle. Your blog explains ALL the questions I had, having just finished my first, with medium needle, on #1, and 3 strands DMC. I have a friend who always uses large needle and 6 strands. Thank you for such detailed information! As for your tree with heart shaped leaves...does it have purple blooms? If so they are a nuisance on our property! In fact, I just stopped in the middle of our drive and broke 4 or 5 of them down, that were hanging over the drive. (Careful, they are slick and you just might slip and fall in the ditch...just sayin'!) They have a hollow stalk when small, but we don't dare let them get too large, as it takes a chainsaw! Thank you again and I shall bookmark your site! God Bless!

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