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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baby birds, some experimenting and what happened to Ollie??....oh my!

You have all given me quite a gift with your responses to the giveaway question, "Where is my Happy Place".  I can see that we all have a lot in common.  A lot of you mentioned either your sewing room, your favorite chair, or the good old outdoors.  I can identify with all.  In fact, truth be told, I have many happy places.  In addition to being in my studio, I love when dinner is done, all the dishes are done and I can plunk down in my chair, next to my husband and work on my current project.  
I also love the great outdoors.  Is there anything greater than being able to have your windows open and hear the birds chirping?
Then, of course, any time I can be with the whole family is just GREAT!  When we were on vacation a couple weeks ago, my brother in law Billy remarked on how it was great to all be together.  Families are so spread out nowadays that you really come to appreciate those get togethers.....another happy place!
I'll do the drawing in another couple of days, so keep responding, I love to hear from you. If you don't know about the giveaway, see the picture of the prize below and go back to yesterdays blog post to read all about it.  

Oh my, another little family is growing right by our door.  I don't know why birds choose to build their nests in such a busy location.  Every time I go into the studio I bother the Mother.  Maybe birds are social animals and they want to be near us.  Anyway, I think she is the proud Mom of three little babies, it's up so high I can't really see. I love to see their growth.  I showed some last year at our house in NY and actually had a moment of "empty nest" (no pun intended) when I went out one day and they had all flown away.  Oh, how our real lives imitate nature, huh?

A few months ago a lady called me and was looking for some faded colors.  It's been on my mind since, so Mom and I played with some wool yesterday.

...we started with a plain piece of oatmeal...

I did this just doodling with a squirt bottle, interesting, but still working on some ideas...

That's it!!!  Just a thin layer of blue over oatmeal to make a nice faded denim....

....and faded red denim....we plan to do all the primary colors....

I snapped this on Monday, this is a typical Monday morning.  It seems that all you ladies have a chance to sit and shop during the weekend.  Thank goodness for you ladies!

I am making progress!!! I am more than halfway done the punch version of "Stars and Flowers".  Mom is starting on the bottom row, only 4 more blocks for her!! 

We got an order for our sampler bags but she wanted them cut.  I thought what a wonderful package this would be to open, just like Christmas!!!

The prize for our giveaway, be sure to see yesterday's blog post to find out how to enter...

Oh, no, 99 degrees??  This is not acceptable!
...and last, but certainly not least....a fun family activity for us here in Rolla, MO is to do "tick check" on the dogs every night.  It is really bad here. I can pick 6-8 ticks off Baxter every night.  So, the other night Mom asked me if I heard Ollie yelp.  I hadn't.  She told me that she went to pick a tick off his tummy, got her nails around it and YANKED!! Well, it wasn't a tick, it was his nipple.  Needless to say, Ollie now has one elongated nipple!!  Oh the joys of being a dog owner!!
Until next time.....

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Me and My Stitches said...

Oh, poor Ollie! I can't help but laugh, but I feel sorry for the poor pup!

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