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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

.....and the winner is!

The winner of our "Happy Place" contest, for the Hooked Flower pin cushion, scissors and valdani thread is.......drum roll........Cyndi Lott, from PA.  Congratulations Cyndi.  You'll hear from me very shortly!

It's been kind of hectic here lately.  Having my son Jeremy home for break has been great. My husband and I sleep easier when he's under our roof, don't all us parents?  And, as I mentioned, he is waiting to have surgery so I've put him to work in my studio.   There is always something to do.  It has been a little challenging as a 19 year old boy doesn't always have the same.............."vision" that Mom and I do, but we do try to guide him.  In fact, here is Mom showing him where to hang a rug..........then they decided to have a Rt. 44 break.  If you've never had a Sonic Diet Strawberry Limeade, I highly recommend it.  We stop every day after the gym to get one. 0 points!  Anyway, having him home I find has thrown my schedule off a bit and I am floundering.  While I know that he is helping, with computer work and other things, I NEED to get ORGANIZED!!

"Hang it right there...."
Rt. 44 break.........slurp!

Cute! Ok, not really, salamanders creep me out too, but I thought this was a neat scene...

I am very behind in my Wool Applique section so decided to cut this one out on Sunday!  I'm loving it, now just to stitch it........I wish Jeremy stitched....ugh, can you imagine how that would look?

I used our liberty blue, flag stripe red and dirty diamonds woolens...It will also be framed with liberty blue!

Ok, (Annette), I wasn't going to show this just yet, but gosh, I just love it.  I have had the drawing for this in my folder since last year, but just finished the design and got it on to Monks cloth for Mom.  She is on block #19 of the Stars and Flowers so is eager to start a new project.  This one is specifically a silhouette so will be done only in orange and black!!  Can't wait to see it done!  
So, I've had Jeremy organizing floss for me to dye.  I will be offering:
Brown Black
Antique Black
Grungy Red
Dirty White
Tarnished Gold
Grungy Green
Dirty Pumpkin

They will be for a variegated look for your stitching or punching.  We also have not forgotten about the tshirts.  I got some great fabric paints and intend to start those tomorrow.  So, keep watching as the ideas are flowing.  I just wish we didn't need to sleep, I'd get so much more done.

Until next time......


Rugs and Pugs said...

Congrats to Cyndi! She is a real sweetie.
Hugs :)

moosecraft said...

Love that halloween rug design!

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