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Sunday, April 22, 2018

It's "breathing day"!

I just made up that term "breathing day", but for me it's so appropriate.  
We have had a very long winter.  It wasn't especially snowy, though we did have our share, but it was just so long!  Today is April 22nd and it is what I am affectionately calling "breathing day". It's not always this date, it's usually earlier, but everyone will know what I'm talking about, for sure.
For me, breathing day is the first day of the year when you can walk outside with no coat on and not feel chilled.  It is the day of the year when you feel hope that, yes, maybe Winter has come to an end and Summer is just around the corner.  Your body almost tingles as you see things coming to life under piles of leaves, old growth or even snow.

Here in upstate NY we really only have three seasons: summer, fall and winter.  Spring does seem to miss us.  If it does appear it is usually very short, only a month or so.  I'm not talking about the dates on the calendar.  I'm talking about those days where it's balmy outside and the snow melts slowly, over a week or so.  We have cold and then warm, there really is no in between.

So, today, in only a t-shirt, I walked around the yard.

How will I decorate the back porch this year?  

Yay, the climbing hydrangeas we bought at the base of the pergola made it through the long winter.  Those buds are beautiful!!

Oh boy, lots of work to do in this yard before we host our "gathering of friends", but that blue sky is sure a welcome sight.

This is the reason we bought this house.  The porch!!  So many good times have been had on this porch, as well as some rough times, heavy conversations and fun entertaining.  This is a serious section of our home.  Many nights are spent on the swing that will soon make its way back, hanging from the rafters, with a beverage in hand.  I love our porch and this time of year, though it looks a bit rough, I know that it is filled with great promise.  How should I place the furniture....I should get some new lanterns.....should I use grapevine along the top?  I just love the possibilities every year.

I was finally able to empty the window boxes of the winter greenery and sweep away the winter dust from the front door.  Again, the possibilities, what kind of water feature will we do this year?  We need a new sign, what flowers to plant in the window boxes.  It's the same thing every year....the planning.....but it never gets old.  I love it!

Peonies are peeking through!

Lots of pick up to do....things that should have been done last year but time ran short before the first snowfall.  

Buds on the lilac tree.  We trimmed this tree down considerably because it was being covered by another larger tree and was not getting sunlight.  I think it's trimming will help it this year and hope to see lots of blooms.

Yes, I love breathing day.  It's amazing what the warmth, sunlight and promise of a good summer can do for the soul.
Have a good Sunday everyone!
Until next time......


sandy davis said...
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sandy davis said...

I love “breathing time”! We also get a short spring on Long Island but I did spend time getting a few things done outside. Can’t wait to buy more flowers but still too chilly for them at night. Hopefully soon!!

acorn hollow said...

Today was our first breathing day too. Our porch is screened because the black flies are not far behind breathing day. What a joy it is to clear out the dust and start the new season.

~erica~ said...

I’m glad you got to take advantage and assess the winter cleanup. More importantly I’m glad you got the time to plan the little moments for yourself to do and to appreciate afterwards. The family porch is a very dear memory to me. Always chucking corn, eating , talking , Apple storage , late nights and laughter ��
My absolute favorite is the smell of fresh dill and basil. I can not wait to be able to have my little herbs growing.~ Erica

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