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Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring........I think you are on your way!!

When people ask us "why did you retire here?", it's usually in reference to the horrible  Winters we have.  I believe our average snowfall is somewhere around 150 inches a year.  That is about the same amount that the folk sin Massachusetts have gotten this year.  It's the norm for us, we just deal with it.  Oh that doesn't mean that we don't grumble about it and that by the end of February when the weatherman is telling us about the latest snowfall, sometimes the most vile language can be thrown at him.  
But, then something wonderful happens.  You feel a change in the air.  First of all, temps start rising to the high 20's and 30's, with no more negatives in the forecast.  You see actual pavement!  You hear dripping, snow melting!  If you are really lucky you hear birds chirping!  Hey birds, we've missed you and your happy sounds!!  
Yesterday was the first day after changing the clocks and boy I sure felt spring.  That doesn't mean much to some as there is still a good 2 feet of snow melting before we see any green grass, but you can feel the change and it feels good!!!  This has been a looonnnng winter.  
But back to my first sentence.  The reason we moved back here is because first of all, we are north easterners, second of all, we don't enjoy a super hot climate (good thing eh).  There is no greener grass than in the northeast.  It seems as though this area, the North Country, really comes to life in the summer, as most, but the people really enjoy the season since it is so fleeting, garden stands are on the sides of the roads, the summer restaurants open up on Lake Ontario.  The Amish ride by in their buggies without being covered in thick wool blankets. Yard sales are everywhere as people have the urge to purge.  You can walk the beautiful trails.  You can take a ride to Vermont or Massachusetts to visit family.  Soon I will be pulling out all of the yard and porch "tchotchkies" from the barn and getting ready for some serious porch time.  I will walk around the property with Baxter enjoying the smell of fresh air, recently cut grass, fresh flowers.  Oh spring/summer, I've missed you, I'm so glad you are making your way back!!!

With that, as usual, we have been super busy at The Old Tattered Flag.  We somehow went from doing only two hook in's this year to four.  We will soon be preparing for a hook in near Cleveland, Ohio, in August we will be at a hook in in Massachusetts, in September we will be in Indianapolis and in October, back with our friends in Kinderhook.  We are also putting the finishing touches on our new website.  I am VERY happy with it because we built it ourselves.  I chose all the backgrounds and "textures".......   

...and my helper Marcky has been uploading over 1000 products to the site.  It has been a long and tedious process, but long overdue.  Hopefully we will have it ready this week.  I have been ordering lots of new products, books, fabrics for the site, as well as dyeing some great new velvets(see the gorgeous black in the pot), putting together new patterns, pin cushions, etc.  I can't wait to unveil everything.  Be patient with us,it will be worth the wait.

Here's one of the new designs that will be on the new website.  "Quillie Flower" incorporates standing wool circles for the centers of the flowers.  It's a really neat look and creates a very pretty little rug.  

 In addition to welcoming spring and building the new website and making new items for it, it has been business as usual.  We had open hooking last Thursday in the shop and the ladies never disappoint with the beautiful projects they are working on....

Here's Jill's spring flowers....

...and Lynn's Log Cabin hooked rug.  She cuts all of her wool with a rotary cutter!!!  

...and here's Tamara's Prim Rooster...

 ..and here's one of the few shots I've been able to get of Molly.  She loves Mom so, but hates the camera.  

 But not Baxter, if I say "stay" he will pose until the camera has clicked.  This is how I caught him in the dye kitchen the other day.  He had taken all of the wool scraps out of the cloth basket and crawled right in.  He does not care for winter and prefers to snuggle.

A sure sign of Spring.....the dwindling Winter pile....

This photo was taken the other day before I felt spring.  I was in a sour mood and this was how I filled the Welcome board!

So as you can see by the two pictures below, my feelings of spring coming may be a little misplaced, but nonetheless, that's how I feel and I prefer to hold on to the feeling.  These mountains of snow won't be here much longer.

I hope you all feel the thaw and are starting to feel the warmth of the sun.  Be patient with us and the new website, it is very hard to get everything done, but we do try our best.  Know that one day when you visit www.theoldtatteredflag, it will look different, but still wonderful.  
Until next time....


Jacqueline said...

Where and when around Cleveland?

Rina said...

My name is Rina I live in Catania, Sicily!
I found your blog surfing on internet.
I do like quilt, old stuffs, arts and everything has history on it! I would like to learn how to do hooking but I can't find the right tool here were I live.
I like your shop it's a kind of wonderful place.
I have four grown children, three daughters and one boy. My son lives in Houston he married a young sweet Texan girl. I have also five grandchildren and another on his way.
My last daughter is named Giulia and her birthday is October 24! Like you!
Maybe some day in the future I could make a trip to the beautiful place where you live and meet you!

theoldtatteredflag said...

Hi Jacqueline, we will be at the Western Reserve "The Early Bird gets the worm" hook in Chagrin Falls, Ohio on May 30.

theoldtatteredflag said...

Hi Rina,
How nice to hear from you...all the way from Sicily! Glad you enjoyed the blog. Hopefully if you ever do make it over here you will have a chance to stop by.


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