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Monday, February 23, 2015

A tour of the "revamped" shop.....

 Settle in, this is going to be a long one, I think I loaded over 30 pictures today.  We've been so busy lately that I've had to go through my picture files and find the ones that I never got around to using.  I have the best intentions of writing on my blog at least 3 times a week, so am constantly snapping material, as I always say to my family, but then 6 pm hits and it's time to make dinner, then after dinner my comfy chair just looks so inviting.  Anyway, enough of I am.
As I may have mentioned before, we had a very good Super Bowl Sunday sale.  My husband and I were in Massachusetts for a wedding when I actually clicked the button to start the sale and on the drive home my anxiety level rose as I heard the little ding of my phone signaling orders coming in.  It was unsettling, good, but unsettling because I like to get orders out within two days and I just knew this wasn't going to happen.  When I got home I knew I was in trouble when I realized I had 52 patterns to draw.  I was very behind...... to do list.....

This was just Monday after the super bowl sale and I was not able to catch up for a week.  Please know that that is not the norm here, we were overwhelmed by the success of the sale and WILL do better next time to get the orders out to you.  Everyone was so nice and understanding...

I received several calls and emails about the fact that our website wasn't was poor little website.  We've been in the process of building a new one and it can't come soon enough.  We are closing in on finishing it, it's much more streamlined than our current one, will be much easier to maneuver.  

**New ~ The Old Tattered Flag updated website coming soon**
So, after finally catching up on the sale orders we settled back into a sort of normal routine.  Local ladies come by every weekend.....everyone has cabin fever BAD.  

Here's Denise with some of her punched pieces.  She only just started punching and WOW, she is amazing!!

Lynn is a quilter who has wanted to hook for 40 years.  Well, let me tell you, I think she is making up for lost time.  She has hooked these beauties within the last 2 months.

For her granddaughter Kadence....

Our "No Two Alike" Snowflake design done in greens.  Lovely!!

Our "Butter Mold Flower" design....gorgeous!
 Between the sale, a trip to Vermont and everything we haven't been able to release a lot of new things lately, but we are working on several new things.  All of a sudden one day you will see many new designs released.  Here's our "Cora's Garden" design that is currently on the website, 
To make it easier, here's the link for the pattern or kit:
Cora's Garden Hooked Rug Pattern/Kit

 This was my first serious floral design and a little out of my comfort zone.  It actually took me about a year and a half to finally buckle down and finish the "tweeking" I told Mom it needed.  She was itching to hook it and I know why.  Just as I have lots of design ideas dancing in my head, my Mother has color dancing in her head.  She knew the look she wanted and oh my did she achieve it!  This will be available for punch and applique when I can get to them!

 As I may have mentioned before, after the Super Bowl Sale I had the notion to "revamp" the shop.  We've only had the shop open since September of last year, but I think we've changed it around at least 3 or 4 times.  I get bored with things easily so that will be the norm.  Plus, with over 180 designs it's necessary to constantly change the look.  
We really "opened up" the shop by moving stuff around.  I'm very happy with it...

We have over 350 colors of wool...(they are also on the website,

If you follow my blog you'll recognize this piece from a year or so ago.  It was an old saw table that we took the "guts" out of and made into a rolling table.  It's one of my favorite pieces for display.  The box with the flower on the floor is another favorite from the good old days when I use to paint.

We have several large pieces of furniture in the shop.  I wanted to keep the red dough box in the room, but it was just sooo big and taking up too much room...until we decided to fill it with red wool.  Duh...sometimes it takes us a minute!!  

We are constantly on the lookout for cute little things to use as scissor and hook keeps!

Handmade hooks by me.  Beautiful and strong!  Look for them on the new website...

The pattern rack was a challenge.  It's necessary to have in the shop,'s ugly.  I tried to fit it in the best I could without it detracting from the look of the shop...

Oooooo   ahhhhhhhh.........velvet!

Inside the glass countertop....

Hand sculpted necklace charms by me.....

I like to dye my own floss too!

I got that great "barrel" butter churn at a local antiques shop "Attic Treasures" in Evans Mills, NY.  Love it for our backing foundations...

Floss, floss and more floss!

Wool Applique!

Come and sit a spell and hook with us!

Ugh, ugly but necessary..

So, I know I show shop photos a lot but as you all may know, it is my dream that has come to fruition after 26 years as a military happy place!  Sometimes when the house is quiet at night I just walk back to the shop and turn on low lighting and just soak it all in.  It's the best form of therapy there is, the best stress reducer.  I'm very blessed, this I know.
I hope someday you will all get a chance to come visit and "sit a spell" with Mom and I.
Now off to work on the new website...
Until next time....


  1. The shop is gorgeous! You should be proud and show it off often.

  2. Someday I am going to drive from California to New York and shop. I have to drive my car so I can fill up the back. It is just the prettiest shop. I have one question that I have been dying to ask, " Do you sleep?" You drew out 52 Patterns? By hand, then made all of those wonderful hooks? I think you are just amazing. I love every single picture today of your shop. Thanks for sharing. It was almost like being there. :)

    1. Now that's a road trip for sure!! When I sleep I think of new designs and things to make!! :) Thanks!

  3. Your shop is wonderful----do you think that you could move to western Oregon and open a shop here (weather is better). We have nothing, not one hooking/wool shop in the whole state. Someday a road trip back east (I was born in RI) and I'll get to stop by.

    1. If there is no snow there right now that might be something I would strongly consider!!! Thanks Marie!

  4. What a shop....I could get lost in there.

  5. Your shop looks amazingly! Congratulations on such a life changing event. Much success in your future I hope.

    I love driving holidays, but mine would start in Vancouver B.C. drive through the U.S.A. And home via to find a co-pilot!

  6. Sorry I live so far away because I would get into serious trouble in your shop. So fun and inviting.

  7. Your shop is wonderful. Sure wish it was in Ohio :)
    Pug hugs :)

  8. Shop looks fabulous - wish I could visit -- but a little too far from Kansas! Love the bundles in the basket wrapped in the flag? Do you sell those on the website? I didn't see them. And don't beat yourself up on not getting things out in 2 days - I think you do a great job!! (Kay from Kansas)

    1. Thanks Kay, I appreciate your comments about not beating myself up about the shipping! The bundles are pretty much leftover pieces we have, so I don't have them on the website. Maybe in the future!?

  9. Enjoy enjoy your dream come true....& to have it at home is just the icing on the cake. The pictures are awesome....I study them...enlarging them to see all the detail. I'm sure you'll have an ephinany for the "ugly" rack one day in your antiquing & junk hunting. Look what you did with the saw table!! It's beautiful & if I lived close, I'd be sitting in one of those chairs every day. You & Mom rock!!!

  10. The shop looks amazing! And I absolutely LOVE the Cora's Garden design!

  11. The shop looks wonderful!!! Wish you were close enough to visit!


  12. You have a gorgeous shop - well done! All those luscious colours and ingenious displays. I would love to visit, one day. Is there a school near you? Cheers, Maureen

    1. Hi Maureen, we teach, if you ever make your way to us we can get you started and on your way in this wonderful world of rug hooking! If that is what you meant.....


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