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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Website is up and running....really it is!

As you may have noticed, it's been awhile since I've usual right?  But this time I really do have an excuse.  We finally got the website up and running!!  Phew.....a huge weight is off my back.....momentarily.  So, for a couple years now I've been wanting to build a new website as my other one was....tired!  That meant transferring over 1000 products.  Re-taking a lot of photos, re-sizing, organizing files, re-weighing, re-measuring, writing up descriptions, choosing the right template and then making it pretty.  Well, last Sunday I finally hit the "publish" button and it came to life.  Yaaaayyyyy!!  You can't believe how fast this new site is.  There is no waiting for pictures to load anymore.  And, we organized all the patterns by seasons, the woolens by color and even have "hand dyed" and "as is" categories.  We also have several other new categories.  It is much easier to maneuver, and sooooo fast.  There is one small glitch however......isn't there always?  
Many of you are getting an error message.  This is because if you  have visited our website in the past, the old IP address is the address your computer will look for.  So, it will bring you to the closed down location of the old website.  In order for you to smoothly find our new website you will need to clean out your cookies or browsing history.  You will need to go to your browser's tools section (google chrome, internet explorer, firefox, etc.) and find where you can delete your cookies, history, etc.  Another thing you can try is typing into the URL box and make sure /store or the word "default" does not go in that box after you hit enter.  If it does and you receive that error message then try highlighting the address in the URL box so that it's blue, then click again so that you see the cursor, and delete /store or default.  You only want in that URL box.  I know it sounds confusing so I always tell my customers to ask their kids or grandkids to do it for them, lol!  Have them read this and they'll get you straightened out!!!

So, after I hit "publish" I realized that all those days, weeks of work were pretty much done.  Other than adding a few new products here and there, my new web home was done!  I could now focus on creativity again.  

So, it's back to the fun stuff.  On Thursday we had a big group of ladies in the shop for open hooking.  In my last blog I talked about how we had turned a corner and you could feel spring....well, that feeling didn't last long.  I still see white......ugh......snow outside my window.  And it is cold!!  Come on Spring!!!  Where are you?

I've been trying to urge it along, but then I look out and this is what I see...snow and mud!!  I'm really not a fan of the month of March.

But, as I said, we had a big group on Thursday.  Our Syracuse ladies made the drive and joined us again.  You always know Winter is over when the Syracuse ladies make the trip...

Although I hate having my picture taken I did give in for this photo below as I wanted to show the size of these wool carrots I made for our window boxes....

See Bev braiding?  We showed the ladies how to make braided bowls from your leftover selvage ends....

It's always a nice afternoon when the ladies are here.  I enjoy hearing all the different conversations and laughter and seeing what everyone is working on.

Mom has been working on a special project.  Rug Hooking magazine has asked us to submit a design for the Sept/Oct issue.  This below is about all I will show.  This is the color scheme of the background.  I designed the pattern and Mom hooked it.  It was beautiful!!!  But, we realized that we don't have enough of the background wool should we sell any kits through the magazine.  So, it needed to be hooked again.  After the issue comes out I'll show the original rug.  So, Mom over-dyed a piece of this gorgeous plaid below with a hint of dark blue and we got the beautiful background you see.  It worked beautifully with the design.  So, she is finishing that up and get this, decided to hook a third one a completely different way.  So, this design will be hooked three ways/times.

Meanwhile, I have been working on a few new goodies for the new website.  

Hand dyed velvet carrots....

Click here for the link to the web page: Velvet Carrots Kit 

"EggPlant" Wool Applique (Pattern only is in the Wool Applique Patterns section)
Click here for the link: EggPlant Applique Kit

Velvet Pin Cushions are all in our "Gifts from the Shop" section.  Click here for the link: Gifts From The Shop

I completed "Through the Tulips" in punch. 
Click here for the pattern/kit: 

I added my "Quillie Punch Pillow"
Click here for the link: Quillie Punch Pillow Kit

Mom finished my "Skinny Series Tulip" for Hooking and I finished it for punch.  Visit the Rug Hooking and Punch Needle sections for the patterns.


...and Mom finished my "Springtime Egg Roll" design. 
Click here for the kit: Springtime Egg Roll Rug Hooking Kit
Click here for the Pattern: Springtime Egg Roll Rug Hooking Pattern

And a wonderful local puncher, Denise finished my "Shelter" punch needle design.
Click here for the pattern/kit: Shelter Punch Needle Pattern/Kit

So, as you can see we have gotten back into the swing of creating again.  Next up for me is to punch Springtime Egg Roll and then I'm on to summer.  If anyone has any trouble at all getting to the new website, don't hesitate to email me at and I can help you with it.
Here is the link to the homepage:

Have a great weekend everyone,
Until next time....

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