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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winter is here!

In about 10 minutes I will be bundling up to go out and shovel snow...........lots of snow.  I'm not really sure how much we got because for the past day and a half it has been very blustery around here and I haven't ventured out.  If you have ordered from us at The Old Tattered Flag please know that several roads were closed yesterday so I just did not make it to the post office.  I'm hoping to get out today.  It says we got as much as 3 feet.  Ugh.  Don't get me wrong, it has put me in the Christmas spirit's not even Thanksgiving yet!!  A couple of weeks ago I strongly proclaimed that there would be "NO SNOW" this year.  Well, I think Mother Nature is saying "Oh yea?"  It's all good though, something about the snowfall makes you stoke up the fire, get a cup of coffee, get your comfy's on and sit and work on a project without the guilt of feeling like you should be out doing yard work or something else.  I do hope that this is not an indicator of our entire winter though.

So, with the cold comes my desire to change my house around.  We are also starting to prepare the house for the Christmas decorations.  I decided my dining room needed a fresh coat of paint.  I love the red, but wanted something different.......
Here's the before shots....

Oh, that is gold, hmmm, will I like it??

 Yea, I do!!  It is an olympic paint color called Bran Muffin, but I had them use Valspar premium paint, satin, with built in primer, to go over that red..

So, in between house redo's we are continuing to design, make, fill the shop, fill orders and enjoy hooking days/evenings (with treats of course).  Our Monday group is getting larger every week...

Here's Jodi punching and Debbie hooking!

 And Cathy brought over her finished "A. Hawley's Inn" rug.  My Sister gave me the version on the top a few years ago and gave me her blessing to offer it as a design.  If you  need it, visit our Rug Hooking section at
Great job Cathy!!

During my dining room redo I had, in a small section of my brain, remembered a wonderful antique Penny Rug I had seen over the summer at a local antique shop.  I crossed my fingers that it would still be there and sure enough it was.  It really looks great on this old wooden piece I had up in the attic.  

Just beautiful.  I love the little poinsettia flowers scattered throughout!

So, we plug along.  I have lots of new designs that we have finished and gotten loaded to the website, but you'll have to come back tomorrow to see (unless you venture over to the site) as I need to go out and start tackling the 3 feet of snow.
Here is our Claus design that I recently finished for punch needle.  Visit our Punch Needle section for the pattern/kit. 

Have a great day everyone....
Until next time.....


  1. Snow is nice when it is just a dusting, not 3 feet. Watch your back when shoveling.

  2. Even though I like the red - I think the gold looks even better!

  3. Oh ... so many lovely photos & wonderful projects!!! Would you mind sharing the recipe for those luscious treats? They look SO good!!! I wish I was looking out at all that snow ... even going out to shovel it!

  4. I used a Sherwin Williams color, restrained gold. It went w/ everything. It was an antique gold. I just love all of your things. Wish I could buy everything!

  5. Winter hit north Florida with temps in low 20s and no snow. When it does snow here, everything shuts down as no one knows how to drive on ice and snow. Love the new paint color. You have so muc energy. I just want to sit by the fireplace and hook!!

  6. The new paint looks great! Thanks for mentioning the Valspar with primer... I'm always lazy about repainting rooms as I'm not much enthused about always needing 2 coats... lol! Love how the shop looks all full of smiles and wooley goodness! :-) Good luck with all that snow... I can't imagine having THAT much this early in the season... stay warm!

  7. I LOVE the gold!! I want to make rest penny rug!!!! Can I order a bag of pennies like that from you? Maybe extra red wool & I'll cut the poinsettias? Backing suggestions? I've never made up my own pattern so any Advice for Dummies is appreciated!!


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