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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cookies and Snow!

What is it about snow that makes you want to cook/bake?  We are getting pummeled with another 6-12 inches of snow again.  This is the third day in a row that local schools have been closed and Fort Drum.  This is not normal.  We are a hearty people up here, we usually laugh off a mere foot of big deal.  But, it's so darned windy that the visibility is practically nothing.  My husband is of the "soldier" mind to go out several times a day to plow or shovel to keep on top of it!  No waiting around until it stops.  Well, even he has agreed that there is nothing you can do until there is a break in it.  I did go out with him yesterday for two hours to help and I don't know why but I am a mess this morning.  I'm sore all over, my right knee is about to give out and frankly, I think I've decided to just stay inside today!!
Something about the bad weather makes me very domestic.  I've never been one for early Christmas decorating but I've been playing Christmas music and I think I'm going to venture up to the attic to dust off the Christmas decor and  start placing trees in the right spots.  I might even make a batch of cookies..............winter weight....we welcome you!!  The cookies will be placed proudly on the counter with the chocolate "comfort" cake that my son brought home from the store yesterday.  Why oh why do we do this to ourselves?  Because it feels so darn good to sit down with a cookie, cup of coffee and your latest project or book while it snows and blows outside.  
Speaking of cookies, I showed a picture of some cookies I made for our Hooking Thursday last week and the recipe has been requested. 

Cream Cheese Fold-overs
2 Cups Flour
1/4 tsp. salt
1 Cup Butter
8 oz. Cream Cheese

Cream together butter and cream cheese until fluffy, add in flour and salt.  Wrap dough in plastic wrap and chill until able to roll out (I did not roll, not enough time, I simply shaped them with my hands)  If you do roll, cut into trapezoid shapes (seriously?  I did not do well in geometry)  Spread with your favorite fruit jam, I used raspberry and apricot. Fold over so that sides meet and bake for 15 minutes at 375.
Cool; sprinkle with confectioners sugar if desired

As you can see there is no sugar in the dough so these are a nice, not too sweet cookie.  Enjoy

So, since everything is the way, if you have ordered from us in the last few days I do hope you understand that some of the roads have been closed so trips to the post office this week have been spotty.  I apologize for any delays.  Again, so since everything is closed I have taken the opportunity to get some things done that should have been done a couple months ago.  New Christmas/Winter patterns.  I know I'm behind, but, such is the life of a business owner, right?  

Here's "Charlies Tree" for Wool Applique, click on the link below:

Here's "Claus" for applique in progress... he should be ready by the end of the day.

My "Crazy Doodle Tree" design is now available all three ways.  

 ...and here's the new Santa for this year.  

....and oh how fun!!  If you've never punched right through wool, you HAVE to try it, it's wonderful.  I made this gorgeous pillow for my living room but got such great response to it on facebook and requests for the kits that I did make up some kits.  

 So, now that most of the new designs are stitched up and made into patterns and stocked in the shop I am focusing on decorating for our Christmas Open house.  It is December 6, from 12-8.  I have invited a few guest artisans to come over with some of their goodies.  Fran Chevier will be offering her beautiful hand painted items, Krista Mitchell is coming with her gorgeous silver jewelry, Nancy Mossing is coming over with breathtaking theorem painting and my Sister, Lisa Evans is venturing over from Vermont with her Awesome hand sculpted Santas and primitive folkart boards.  So, for me it's on to cleaning and decorating the house.  This weather sure does make it easy to stay inside and get the job done.....

 ...and just in case you aren't getting the snow that we are I can send a snowflake your way.  I designed this "Snowflake Doodle" long sleeved tshirt and have added it to the Artsy Phartsy section.  I chose a unisex long sleeve comfort colors tshirt for the design.  The comfort colors are a nice "vintage feel" good quality tshirt.  This looks great with a pair of jeans and a pretty scarf.  Here's the link:

So from snowy Upstate NY I wish you a great day.  Stay warm!!  Until next time....



Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

love everything!!!!

Shirlee said...

I LOVE the snow pics ... & thank you for the cookie recipe. I look forward to trying it : )

moosecraft said...

Thanks for sharing the cookie recipe! I hope to make some tomorrow! Love the Snow flake pillow too! I hope the real snow stops soon for you guys so you get outside and enjoy it a bit.

Patricia Hamilton said...

Love the new dining room color. It really brightens things up! I love your decorating style and all your color choices in decorating and designing your needlework.
I know about what you mean about snow.....I Live near buffalo ny and we had 7 feet this past week!
I tried punching in wool and although it did punch nicely, the wooll kept stretching a bit making it a little cumbersome to that normal for wool or do I need a different hoop? I only use morgan hoops.
You and mom and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Patricia Hamilton said...

The snow looks like powdered sugar! What a lovely store! Someday I will take a ride out and visit....I'm from near buffalo ny.

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