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Monday, November 3, 2014

Nothing like Christmas commercials......

Yup, nothing like Christmas commercials on Nov. 1 to add to a busy woman's stress.  I mean really??  Christmas, (other than designing and planning a Christmas open house) is so far from my mind.  Actually I have started shopping, I've bought one gift!!  Oh well, it always comes together doesn't it!?
Well, as usual things have been busy here.  But, I'm happy to say that I think we have settled into "normal" if there is such a thing.  It has been a year since we moved back to upstate NY and honestly since then things have not stopped.  First there was getting the house in order, then the holidays last year, then we started right in building the dye kitchen, then the shop, add in a couple of hook ins, running the website, hubby throwing his back out while building the shop, oh yea, a hysterectomy for me, Shop grand opening, two hook-ins in the fall and 2 quilt guild meeting presentations last months and......phew, here we are.  When I say "normal" it means just running the shop and the website!!  Piece of cake!  I say that but I have sadly realized that I am soooo behind in Christmas designing so I find myself scrambling to get things done that should have been done months ago.  My Mother always quotes Buzzy Bee, (before my time I think), "the best I can do is the best I can do and I'm doing the best I can!".
So, here is what we have gotten done in the past few weeks..
Newly added to the website, my Stocking 2014 for wool applique.  Great for those of you who don't hook.  Available as just the pattern or the kit.  Here's the link to the page:
Stocking 2014 Wool Applique Pattern/Kit

Next up for wool applique is my Crazy Doodle Tree and a pretty little Christmas Penny rug.  The Crazy Doodle Tree is also coming soon for punch....

Here's the fourth in the Seasonal Penny Pillow series.  I have added the Winter Woolens option to the website.  If you already have the pattern you do not need to purchase it again, only check off the option for the seasonal woolens you want.  Here's the link:
Seasonal Penny Pillow

and in the spirit of my Crazy Doodle themes I am happy to offer our Crazy Doodle Tree.  The hooked rug pattern/kit are available, punch and applique coming soon.  Here's the link to the Hooked Rug page:
Crazy Doodle Hooked Rug Pattern/Kit
 And in my "Artsy Phartsy" section I have some gorgeous Clay necklaces.  These are very popular in the shop and website.  Here's the link:

and I did get my "Un-Proddy" tree up on the website:
Un-Proddy Tree

..and here's WINTER to add to our season's series.  What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL rug!!  Mom did such a great job hooking it and those colors!!!  I think it would also be lovely without the lettering.  You could put it on a table with a white pitcher or bowl filled with your Christmas poinsettia.  Available for hooking as a pattern or kit, here's the link:
Winter Hooked Rug Pattern/Kit 

So as you can see we did manage to get a few Christmas designs done to bring with us as we headed down to Wagontown, PA to join the Brandywine hooking guild on October 25th.  What a wonderful hook-in they had.  The proof is in the pictures......'s some of their beautiful works of art on display...

I barely had time to take pictures of these beautiful rugs and wish I had been able to get more information about this woman's work!

So, I don't need an excuse to shop, never have! But, the 24th was my birthday, so I convinced myself that it was birthday weekend and treated myself to a few goodies....

I love pretty journals for thoughts and designing.  I got these at Barnes and Noble...
 I am a pattern designer, but admire many others designs as well.  I don't know if I'll ever find time to hook these wonderful designs, but if I do they are there!!

Here are some handmade items by the ladies from the Guild.  Beautiful work, I'm honored to have their work in my home..

So, when we got home it was right back to work as we had a Tuesday night presentation on Wonderful Wool with the local North Country Quilt Guild and a class on Wool Applique Wednesday.  I didn't get any pictures, but again, a very nice group of ladies who were very interested in what we do.  I have already seen several of them in the shop.  

The next day, Thursday it was Open Hooking in the shop....

Look who has to be right in the middle of it all!

I think our newly built shop is too small!!  But then I look back at these pictures and everyone has a smile on their face and no one seemed to mind being crammed all together.  I love it when the ladies all come and show what they are working on and past projects they have finished.  Good conversation is always had and there is no shortage of laughter.
Beautiful work Joann!!

Martha is hooking my "Here Kitty Kitty" design.  What's that? You don't see cats?  That's right, she asked me to change the cats to Rabbits.  I love the purples she has chosen for the background.

Geez, this looks like a serious discussion!
 ..and last but not least, I love this last picture.  The latest issue of the Country Register came in and everyone had to check it out!  Funny!

So that's what going on here.  We are now in the process of creating more Christmas designs and finished goodies for the website and shop.  We are also planning our Dec. 6 "Christmas throughout the Stone House", from 12-8. The halls will be decked for people to walk through the home to get in the Christmas spirit (by then I'll be ready for those commercials) and we will have a few craftsman throughout the home selling their wares.  If you are in the area we'd love to see you!
Until next time.....

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Primitive Stars said...

Yup, out with Halloween and in with Christmas. Wonderful goodies and such talent with the rugs, beautiful.Blessings Francine.

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