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Sunday, October 19, 2014

A constant state of motion....

Ah, it feels good to sit!!  As usual, the pace is not slowing down.  I really don't know what I'd do if it did.  Read? Shave my legs?  Actually I did shave my legs the other day because we were invited to the MP Ball.  It was a nice evening, and I did take a picture but didn't like it so you don't get to see it!! :)

Last weekend hubby and I had a quick getaway when we went up to visit our son Jeremy in Plattsburgh.  He's a junior and oh goodness, I'll be so glad when college is completed for him.  He's a good kid though and has a new friend.......
Meet Bo, isn't he handsome?


We had an absolutely wonderful evening in Burlington, Vermont with Jeremy and his girlfriend Megan.  I went to college in Burlington back in the 80's.  Wow, it has changed, all for the good.  What a great little city, so full of character and awesome shopping and restaurants, and then there's those Green Mountains.....

Back in NY I was able to snap a few pictures as we headed home.  These windmills scare me, not really, but to me, when you see a bunch all together I think of the movie "the War of Worlds".  I know, weird, I know they are for the good, but they aren't pretty.

We've passed this old building several times...this time I got hubby to stop.  Can you imagine the stories this building has to tell?

...and the ferry ride calm and peaceful...and beautiful.

Then came Monday, back to work.  It was a busy week in the shop.  Mom and I were busy all week preparing applique kits for a local quilt guild.  Cathy came over for our regular Monday night hooking and brought her Doodle Pumpkin.  Great job Cathy!!

Busy shop....

I love this picture, it just makes me smile.  What a great group of ladies from over the border.  I love their smiles!!

Some color planning needed to be done for this cute rug... that's how you do it!

I use to hate it when the leaves fall.  I would constantly be out raking, blowing, sweeping.  Now I think they are beautiful, and really, what's the point in fighting them until they are all down....

So, yesterday Cathy and I had "fun with pennies".  I didn't remember to promote the class, but we still had a great time.  I chose to do a Christmas penny rug...

Cathy went with more fall colors...

In the middle of the week Mom and I ventured down to Lowville and did a presentation on wool for the Tug Hill quilters.  What a nice group of ladies and very generous.  They collected 42 baby rugs for new babies in Lewis county and 22 Dialysis quilts.  

...the thinker! (Mom)

Thanks for hosting us ladies, we were fascinated as neither Mom or I have ever belonged to a guild.  

So, back home and now we are preparing for the Brandywine Rug Hooking Guild.  We will venture down there on Friday for the weekend.  Mom has been putting cute little packages of wool together and I've been drawing, drawing, drawing.  I also managed to get my "proddy but not really proddy" tree done.  I didn't poke or pull it, I just used my regular rug hook to pull the pieces through.  It will be available as a kit soon with instructions, a bit of mica snow, the pattern, wool and star.  Just need to figure it all out!

...and Mom is continuing to work on our WINTER design.  She hopes to have it done tomorrow and will then start on a new Crazy Doodle....keep watching.
(this design will be available for punch soon)

I did get our "Elf Stocking" done in punch.  The pattern/kit is available at our website,
Here is the link: Elf Stocking Punch Pattern/Kit

 and last but certainly not least......Baxter!  What a cutie.  He's our shop greeter, if I could just get him to stop jumping.  He gets so excited when people visit.

So, keep checking back.  I hope to have a great blog post next week after attending the hook-in.  And we have lots of great new items planned...Have a great Sunday night!
Until next time.....


acorn hollow said...

I remember how it was when my daughter went to college it was an exciting time but oh the money it took so glad that is over. you are busy and creative I need to get off the computer and get creative.

Patricia Hamilton said...

I never even knew what punch needle was.....I love it! I am a painting artist and won numerous awards but now I am painting with thread! Thank you! Your mom and yourself are such an inspirational! I am so happy I found you!

theoldtatteredflag said...

I will be glad when it's over too!!! Thanks Cathy!

theoldtatteredflag said...

How nice of you Patricia! Thank you very much!!

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