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Friday, April 18, 2014

Some whimsical pin cushions and a day of creating!

A couple weeks ago I started this project.  Ideas pop in my head at the most inopportune times; the shower (lots of ideas come to me in the shower, don't know why; while I'm driving; 3 am)  This cone base for a pin cushion was driving me crazy.  So, I started punching, not sure if it would work, but sure enough, it did and I am so pleased!  So, I also tried some with hooking.........

Neat idea for a pin cushion base..

Don't punch?  Try hooking your base. 

Another punched version.....

...and the wonderful hit or miss version......

I plan to put these away for the shop, but if there is interest I will put some little kits together with instructions.  If you would be interested, just let me know...

This next rug is part of a new series I am calling "Simple Skinnys".  They will all be 10 x 24 inches.  Mom hooked it in 2 nights so although everyone might not hook as fast as she does, they will not take you long.  I will be doing many different ones in this series.  If you have a special request let me know.  This one will be uploaded to this weekend....

Another new rug finished this week by Mom is my "Antique Fraktur Flower" design.  This was meant to have vintage looking colors and WOW, she sure did get it right.  

The pattern/kit are available, click on this link:

I want to thank Myra for allowing me to use her picture of our gorgeous Game board designs.  She punched them last year for her daughter I think (Myra, correct me if I'm wrong).  What an absolutely beautiful job she did and such a way to display them.  These are also available on the website on our punch needle page.  (also available for hooking)  Thanks so much Myra!

So, being Thursday we had "open hooking" yesterday and you know what that means?  Julie and Carol have to clean the house.  So, whenever the house is clean it always makes me want to snap some photos.  Our kitchen is tiny and outdated and on our list of "to do" renovations, but, it also makes me happy.....

So at 1:00 the ladies starting showing up.  I just love it when everyone comes through the door with their latest projects.  We encourage ladies to bring whatever they are currently working on, it doesn't just have to be hooking or punching.  Tamara brought over some yarn punched pieces she had finished.....

...and some amazing quilts.....

After Tamara showed us her latest projects, she started tatting, Bev was working on blanket stitching her old folk woolen pennies onto a black wool background, Jill was doing needlework, Lilleth, Ann and Fran were hooking and Martha went from punching to hooking.  So nice to see all the creativity....

So, now that I have finished my Pin cushions I find myself wanting to do something a little different again.  In between punching my designs for the website I have decided to tackle these vintage patterns Mom had.  She doesn't even recall where she got them.  They are intended for larger yarn punching, but I have decided to punch them with my trusty Ultra punch needle, large tip, with primitive color sock yarns.  They are all large, but my plan is to work on them for about an hour a night.  Which one should I start with??  I absolutely love the design of the second one, but think the large Eagle would look great in Hubby's office.

I have several other designs in the works that I'm very excited to share, but need to tweak a bit more.  In between designing I have managed to experiment with some thread dyeing..

...and we got several new woolens in the other day, watch for them on the website this weekend.....

Last but not least, I usually share a picture of Baxter.  He's been pretty pesky lately, I don't know what's gotten into him, maybe spring, but, he always picks on poor Max.  Max is the bottom man on the totem pole.  All he wants is a good meal and a good nap, usually in that order. (although he is miffed at me right now because I have him and Baxter on diets).  He loves it when Mom clocks out for the day and goes up to her room to hook.  His place is in the red chair right next to her having a good nap.  It's so funny though because I'll hear her holler "MAX" because he snores so loud that she can't hear her TV.  Life is good eh Max??

So, keep checking back, as you know, we thankfully never seem to run out of new ideas.  I always say, "I wish there was more time in the day".  I hope you are all having beautiful Spring weather and a very Happy Easter, surrounded by those you love.

Until next time....


  1. Ooooooo-weeeee!! I need that wool beehive pin cushion pattern!!!!

    1. Well, that didn't take long!!! Lol, I am going to put them up in little kits. There is such little cost in the materials that I might as well do it all up. I'll work on them and try to get them done this weekend. Thanks Kathy!!

  2. I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter

    1. Thanks very much Jacqueline. Happy Easter to you too!

  3. Your always thinking up such creative and useful items! Love the pinkeeps! The antique fraktur rug is gorgeous too! Love the punched gameboards and how she displayed it! I think the kitchen looks fabulous! Thank you for the chocolate treat with my woolens! :-) Happy Easter!

  4. Aw ... thanks Julie for posting the game boards. Actually my D-I-L
    punched them and my husband made the tray type frame. I love the challenge of finding new ways to finish. The star you made with the cone base reminds me of the Statue of Liberty.. too cool!!

    1. We'll be sure to thank your DIL for me, they are just beautiful..
      I can see why the star reminds you of the Statue of Liberty. I didn't see it before but now I do. It was fun to make. Happy Easter Myra!


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