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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Oh my goodness, I'm tired....but it's a good tired.  It's a "worked in the yard all weekend" tired.  I just love it when you go outside for the first time after a long winter, and you are not cold.  You can walk around your yard and make plans for what you want to do.  You can rake the leaves and see new growth.  I love spring!!
But before I get too much into our weekend let me back up. 

 Last weekend we had a nice visit from Carol and Cheryl.  Carol brought a couple pieces she has finished....

Our "Petite Prims ~ Sheep" punch needle....

..and this is "Sophie" her beloved cat.  She had me make a chair pad and she hooked it!  Great job Carol!!

Catherine asked me to make her 12 stair treads from my Floral valances.  When I lay them next to one another I was speechless. A lot of work but I'm sure they will be fact, I'm imagining them on my stairs..........MOM!?

I've had this idea for an actual Beeskep or Beehive made from wool and oh my gosh, it came out even better than I imagined.  I tweaked it as I was making it and with each revision it got better and better.  I planned on making it for myself, but I knew that when I showed it I might get a few requests, so I've made it up as a kit.  If you "need" to have this (there is sewing involved) here is the link:

We had a scary episode this week when Baxter had what appeared to be a seizure.  It actually had happened six months ago too, but I thought it was because he had been licking the ground where we had cleaned the grill and ingested a toxin (that's what the internet says and as we all know, the internet never lies).  Well, this second one was not quite as "violent" as the first one, but was still pretty bad.  I have now learned that this happens with some breeds and is something that a lot of dogs/dog owners just deal with.  If they start to happen more frequently he will have to go on medicine, but for now he is his usual "happy go lucky" self.  

So, as I mentioned before, we are having some beautiful weather.  We won't talk about the fact that Wednesday it could be in the 40's again with a chance of snow, because Spring is officially here.  Things are budding and the grass has hints of green as you can see below..

This is the side view of our home.  We have big plans for this yard this summer including a deck and pergola...

 Here's a favorite spot of mine in the summer.  When this tree is in full bloom it's as if you are sitting in a little private room, right under the leaves.  We put a couple of Adirondack chairs and the chiminea and life is good...

This fencing surrounds a little memory garden.  We have lifted the fencing and are going to replace it with rock and a flag pole....(hmm, what do you think I should do with this picket fencing....I know!)

This is the future home of 4 garden beds.  Mom and I have decided that sadly we don't have enough time to devote to a big garden, but there is nothing better than going out to pick some fresh herbs, lettuce or tomatoes for dinner, so we will have mini gardens....

In about a month I will be showing you this spot again as it will be full of lush lilies of the valley.  The air will be so fragrant for about 2 weeks.  Oh, just love them!!

Here's another favorite spot in the yard.  Mom has all kinds of perennials planted here and we usually make a little trickling waterfall.   

Ahhh, spring has sprung!

Another view of my favorite tree...

...and most exciting....The Old Tattered Flag shop is coming along slowly but surely.  We got some more insulation up today.  It will soon take shape...

...but there is still a long way to go....

 and last but not least.  I got my issues of the latest Wool Street Journal the other day.  I have uploaded them to the website if you'd like one.  We submit a wool applique pattern in each issue.  Here is the link:

I'm working on something now that I'm really excited about so be sure to check back in a few days...have a great Sunday evening everyone!

Until next time...


  1. Aww... poor Baxter! He is too handsome to be uncomfortable... hugs! I absolutely LOVE your home! It's no wonder you went to it! Beautiful! This beehive is gorgeous! Very clever! Happy Spring to you! Looking forward to seeing what blooms sprout out of the earth there!

  2. Those stairs treads .... marvelous. Maybe Baxter just needs a couple extra hugs .... give him one from me .... such a good boy!!


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