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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I nearly ruined Easter, some good junk and more....

You might think I'm kidding about ruining Easter, but in my boys eyes (and I'm including my husband in that), it's all true.  As Mom's you know we are always trying to make the holidays great for everyone.  I decided that for Easter I was going to try to be a bit "healthier" but try to make some delicious but different things.  Pretty much it all came down to the mashed potatoes..........the damn mashed potatoes.  

I did good here, just the right amount of candy for a 20 and 23 year old, not going too "over the top".  

But then I shattered everyone's world by not making mashed potatoes.  Ok, I admit it, if I had made normal Au Gratin potatoes it might not have been that bad, but I decided to go Weight Watchers.  Ugh, even I have to agree with them.  What was I thinking??

I did redeem myself with the deviled eggs....(they don't need to know that I used the light mayo)

Not diet, but green so Jeremy wouldn't eat it.  But really, there's bacon in it for God's sake!!
Spinach Salad with warm bacon balsamic dressing...

A little Easter cheer (mimosa) for me....

Strawberry Trifle for dessert.  They didn't mind this one too much even though I used fat free cool whip, angel food cake and skim milk for the pudding.  

Hubby did good with flowers as a surprise (that was before the mashed potatoes debacle)

 So, with Easter dinner over, it was a beautiful day....we did manage to get a bit of yard work done.  The birds are so busy in the yard too!

We have several Amish families in the area.  One family up the road has a lumber mill so the other day hubby and I took a ride up to check it out.  We had done a bit of business with this family before and were met by Abe.  He had quite a sense of humor and was happy to help us load the truck and we are happy to give them our business.  
Below see how we are making a garden shed.  Since the shop is taking over the garage we are having to come up with some new places to store things.  Oh the ideas we have!!

Guess what Amish wood is....well.....just like Lowes wood, only 1/3 the price.  And guess what, when they say 1 x 12, they really mean 1 x 12, not 1 x 11 1/2 like Lowes.  

So, with the warmer temperatures I finally made my way up to the big barn to check out what I had left up there before we moved.  My I do have some good "stuff".  I know some of you may think it looks like junk, but I can't wait to get my hands dirty and fix up that junk....

I actually got this spinning wheel at an auction a few weeks ago for......$2

I have been a little under the weather the last couple of days.  I told you about my "issues" a few months ago.  I was given a shot back in Missouri to help with the problem, but sadly have not been able to get the shot here, so my problem is back.  I have a Doctor's appt. Thursday and though I do want my problem to go away, I just simply do not have time for surgery....
I'll cross that bridge Thursday!!

In the meantime we plug along.  I gave Mom 3 new designs yesterday and she brought down this one today (this is not one I gave her yesterday, before you faint).  Below is the Horse individual weathervane.  Just lovely!  The pattern is on the website,  and I will get the kit option uploaded tomorrow.

Sometimes I have to tell myself to "breathe" and slow down.  This would be an example!!  I got my issue of Primitive Quilts magazine a week or so ago and always flip open the magazines to see our ad.  Well, to my dismay here was this stark, ugly white ad staring at me in the face.  I was.....well......pissed!  Hmpfh, I am going to write to them right away and tell them about their mistake.....but......with my "maturity" I have learned to "check myself" first and sure enough it was my mistake.  Somehow the ad pdf file did not save properly.  Phew, glad I checked myself before I zipped off an email.  Oh well, it still gets the point across right?

 So, I still plug along creating new things.  In addition to making new designs and patterns for I am trying to make some new things for the house.  Below is a punched flower in that awesome feedsack material I have on the website.  It is very easy to punch in, but a little strange feeling as it a looser weave than weavers cloth.  I have already stained the heck out this and will show you the finished product when I'm done....

...and Baxter is doing fine.  A few of you have asked.  We have not had an episode again.  I just love this photo below, it looks like he's saying "who's there"?

and look what I found today!!  Hey bud, it took you long enough!!  In the next couple of days I hope to see that mist of green that see around the trees just before the leaves POP.

I hope you are all seeing lots of buds where you are...
Until next time....


Myra said...

As the mother of 3 sons I feel your pain over Easter dinner ... yikes you're brave girl!!! The tulip on the towel .... love!

Jacqueline said...

I just perused my copy of Primitive last night and your ad caught my eye as soon as I saw the page. It looked good.

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