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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tired, but still plugging along!

I haven't written in awhile because as you know, from last week's blog post I've been feverishly trying to catch up some projects.  I even decided to hold off the newsletter until I felt ready, which took a load off my shoulders.  I got the wool applique submission off to the Wool Street Journal.  Sorry, you'll have to wait until October to see the finished piece.  I finished my "Hearts Abound" wool applique piece and finally finished my "Stars and Flowers" punch needle piece.  I have also gotten together a nice selection of hand dyed flosses to offer.  In the middle of that we had a very quiet 4th of July.  The fireworks here were at 11 pm, so we all decided we didn't want to go.  We have officially become old farts.  We did have to bring my son in for a tonsillectomy the next morning though so we decided to just have a quite evening. Mom and I did manage to throw together a nice festive 4th meal though....

A red tablecloth and some flag napkins really make it a holiday meal!

Pretty, they look like a firework.

My favorite salad......caprese..

We usually have lobsters on the 4th of July when we are in the Northeast.  We had seen some in a great grocery store in St. Louis called Deirbergs so on July 3rd Mom and I drove 90 miles to get our lobsters and guess what?  They jacked them up from 9.99 a lb. to 19.99 a lb.  Now, that just goes against my grain, so we settled for steak, shrimp and chicken.   Talk about price gouging!!

We were in the Pottery Barn and I saw this great galvanized tin, tiered piece and thought how great it would be for the lobster and clams.  Well, it was not to be (they didn't have clams either, where did I think I was, New England?)  So, we made it work for some other goodies! it's holding my new hand dyed floss.  Look for it to be uploaded to the website tomorrow.  

I've started punching "All Hallow's Eve"  It's a fun one!!

"Hearts Abound" Wool Applique.  Look for the pattern tomorrow at 

All Done!!!  I am very happy to be done but even more pleased with how beautiful it is!!  20 x 26 inches....that's a lot of thread.  Pattern is available, click below: ~ Stars and Flowers Punch Needle Pattern

Jeremy right before his tonsil removal.  Boy, he's in a lot of pain right now.  I'm glad it's done though, he was sick all the time at school and being so far away I couldn't do anything.  Hopefully this will help....
So, tomorrow I will get the newsletter out which will have still more new goodies, so watch for that in your inbox if you have asked for it.  I will also upload it here and at facebook.  

Until next time.....


ileyssilver said...

Hi Julie,
So excited I found you. I got your message but didn't call back. It's probably a good thing after reading you post. Busy girl. I would love a news letter. How do I get one?
Iley Burkett

theoldtatteredflag said...

Hi Iley, I haven't forgotten about you, will work on yours tomorrow and give you a call Monday. If you can just email me at then I can add your email to my newsletter distro list. Thanks very much and have a great night.


Me and My Stitches said...

Looks like a great meal for the 4th, even without the lobster. Those flowers are just perfect too - love those. And I can't decide if I like the food or the floss better in your new tiered piece - what a great buy! Hope your son heals quickly! As always, I love your wool projects!

Barbara said...

That's a ridiculous price for lobster! I live in New England, and our lobster is $5.99 a pound!? Wow...stars and flowers is just gorgeous!!!!!

theoldtatteredflag said...

I agree Barbara!!! I knew that because my son had gotten some for $5.99/lb in Mass (he sent me a picture of their feast to rub it in). I was mad, it was just ridiculous, so I wasn't going to give them my money!! (I told them didn't I?)

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