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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The "Create for Christmas" Sale has started at

OOhhhh, I'm very bleary eyed as I've been sitting at the computer for a few days now, but I'm happy to announce that I have started the "Create For Christmas" sale.  The Rugs you see below are available for you to purchase as patterns or kits.  (not finished)  It's time to think about creating beautiful gifts for your loved ones for the holidays. 

 You might also notice that the website looks a little different as I have updated my buttons.  I have also created  "WOOL APPLIQUE", "RUG HOOKING" AND "BOOKS" sections.  Although I am still working on the sections you will notice that in the RUG HOOKING section things are a little different as well.  When you click on some of the designs you will notice that you can buy the pattern only, or you can choose options for the kit (please add all the wool), having it drawn on linen and/or having us cut the wool for you.  All the options are on one page making it easier for you.  Like I said though, I haven't gotten to every pattern just yet.  You will see some patterns and kits side by side until I get them consolidated.

The following categories are on sale:
Rug Hooking
Wool Applique
Finished Rugs
Punch Needle
...all items are 10% off.  You can save a significant amount of money if you take advantage of the sale.  We will be running it for one week.  

"Acorn" table mat - mini kit
Click here: Acorn

"Believe" message mat - mini kit
Click here: BELIEVE Message Mat

"Bittersweet Vines" candle mat ~ mini kit
Click here: Bittersweet Vines Candle Mat

"Folky Snowman"
Click here: Folky Snowman Pattern/Kit

"Hit or miss" Star ~ mini kit
Click here: Hit Or Miss Star

"Small Christmas Tree" mini kit
Click here: Small Christmas Tree

Huge Penny Tree Kit
Click here: Huge Penny Tree

In my PUNCH NEEDLE section see the colors of floss I use for all my designs now available for purchase.
Click here: Punch Needle

**New** "No two Alike" (Snowflake) Hooked Rug Pattern/Kit
click here:  No Two Alike

"No Two Alike" (Snowflakes) Punch Needle pattern/kit
Click here: No Two Alike

New themed Sampler bags and other new woolens on our Woolens Page
Click here: Woolens Page

A Santa for you to hook
Click here:Santa to add to your favorite piece

Sunflower Purse
Click here: Sunflower Purse

Vintage Snowman Pattern/Kit
Click here: Vintage Snowman

Also, Mom has been taking a break from hooking to stitch my All Hallows Eve design for wool Applique.  I will have that uploaded to the website tomorrow.  

Also, last but certainly NOT LEAST.  I am VERY HAPPY to say that my sister has agreed to sell her gorgeous paper mache items on my website.  To see her section
 Folk For All Seasons
Click here: Folk For All Seasons

Also, visit her Etsy Store:
Click here

This great guy is at her Etsy Store,
Click here: Spooky Owl

Until Next time.....

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