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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A lot of Random, Jesus, and Naked and Afraid...............huh?

Catchy title huh?  I have been absent from the blog because we've been so busy getting our sale up and running on the website,  but now that I can breathe a little I thought I'd share some photos I've snapped over the last few days and talk about a traumatic experience.

Let me start by saying though that I am sitting here this late at night writing on my blog because both Baxter and I don't know what to do with ourselves.  (see the pic of Baxter below)  Part of my husbands Army retirement routine is medical testing.  Tonight he is spending the night at the hospital for a sleep apnea test.  Even though by this time he would be asleep in the chair, it seems odd with him not here and that's coming from a wife who's been through several year long deployments.  So, here I am on the computer while Baxter is keeping Mikes chair warm..

So, before I get to that title I did want to share that Mom finished stitching our "All Hallows Eve" wool applique pattern.  It is available as a pattern or kit at the website.  Here is the link: Click here

Vines done with black yarn.  Mom ran a little stitch right through the yarn.  

So, now to that title.  I'd like to show you where I met Jesus, see the picture below:

The scene....
I really don't mean to be crass, rude or disrespectful, but for the last three days I have walked out my front door to walk through the courtyard to the studio and been met by a slithering, large, black with markings SNAKE!!  This prompts me to yell, "JESUS" and run.  I'm sorry, I really hope this doesn't offend anyone, it's involuntary.  I have told you all how I am a big wimp.  I have learned it is a water moccasin.  It could do some serious damage.  So, I've devised a plan to kill it that involves my husband with a weed wacker and Mom and I on the stone wall with weapons.  That's what we will be doing this weekend!

A garden in need....
So, I also wanted to show you that our courtyard is becoming quite overgrown and messy because in addition to how busy we are with the Sale and website, Mom has been having a pretty severe allergic reaction to something.  She is very rashy and itchy.  So, it seems that in addition to the chiggers I talked about a few blogs ago, the snake and now Mom's allergy, this garden is going to stay this way.  We are moving soon and hey, there are just some things 
you have to let go.   
  Now, speaking of the snake.  I sat down tonight to tell you about it and changed the channel to the Discovery channel.  There is a show on called "Naked and Afraid".  Oh boy, where do I start!  They take a male and a female who do not know each other and drop them in the middle of the woods, swamp, etc.  They must .....disrobe....and survive for 21 days.  Seriously!!  So, as I'm sitting here typing, this particular episode takes place in a Louisiana swamp that is infested guessed it.......water moccasins.  I'm never going outside again!!   "Afraid" doesn't even cover it, some of the issues they are dealing with is..........well, first, being naked.........mosquito's, snakes, spiders, bugs........never mind the creatures though, the naked would have been a no go for me.  Oh, and it's wet and cold.........oh and no food!!   What are people thinking? 

I need to change the subject!  So, last week my son's girlfriend came for a visit and we decided to go to the Arch.  Interesting!  It is 630 feet high, has small windows in the top.  You ride in these small "pods" up, get out and....well, that's it.  Once was I said, wimp here!

Cool view of the Arch, we were right under it!  Oh yea, we were at the top too!

 Last week Mom and I ran up to the Antique store to check on our booth and discovered a new primitives booth.  Love it!

Great idea for those scales that don't have the bottom piece!

Nice display.....and it's all for sale.

And look who else I found at the Antique Mall..  Does anyone else remember Mrs. Beasley??  I had a Mrs. Beasley doll when I was younger and we were inseparable.  I had glasses just like hers.  God I loved her!!!  The memories came flooding back!
Mom's latest project, her own design, maybe will be available real soon?!
View from the Arch, I forgot to add it in up above.  See the Cardinals game off in the distance?
This is good nature!  Nature at it's best, not long and slithery and with fangs.

Currently on my punch needle frame.

The Gang all together!

 So, I've been very chatty in this blog.  I guess that's what happens when I don't write for a few days.  That's what's going on here.  As usual we have lots of things in the works so keep checking back.........oh, and I'll let you know what happens with that snake!
Until next time..........


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Love to stop by and see what you and your Mom have been working on. I live out in the country and snakes is one thing I don't like at all. I will be in Missouri later in August and September and was hoping to stop by your shop. You will have to keep me posted on where you will be located. Would love to see all the wonderful patterns you and your mom have!

Raymond Homestead said...

Enjoyed your post this morning. I most certainly do remember Mrs. Beasley, I had one too, haven't seen one in a long time. Love the picture of the gang!

marie said...

When we lived in Fl our property bordered the wetlands so there were snake. I killed a small rattle snake on our deck. Now we live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon and have been told that there is no poisonous snakes here. Where will be your new location, have you decided?

theoldtatteredflag said...

Sure, come on by. I just ask that you call first so we can make sure we're here as we don't really have set hours. We are usually here all the time anyway (except for an occasional shopping trip and the gym between 1-3) My cell is 315-767-8313 and if it doesn't go through (bad cell phone service) just leave a message when you are coming by, or you could email We love to meet everyone!! We are not moving until November and then will most likely be in either NY, Mass. or Vermont. All good places to visit!!

theoldtatteredflag said...

Nice to hear that I wasn't the only one who remembered Mrs. Beasley. Mom told me she was based on a character on the show "Family Affairs" which I vaguely remember, but not really.
I had to snap a picture of the gang as they rarely all sit together like that on the same rug. Ollie hates it in the studio, doesn't like the sound of the stapler, so he doesn't come out that often. They all have their quirks, as we all do I guess!

theoldtatteredflag said...

You killed it??? I give you a lot of credit, I'm not sure I could get that close. It's really embarrassing the uncontrollable screams that come out of me with....critters. And run, I could run 26 miles away from something and trust me...I DO NOT run!! We are moving back to our beloved Northeast. We will be happy anywhere up there but Hubby is focusing on job searches in NY, Vermont and Mass. Nice places to visit!! We will have an open shop wherever we are!

Jennifer said...

Eww i agree about the snakes!!!!!!!!

Cinlyn said...

Aww...I just found you today and trying to take it all in and then to find out you are moving! I''m a Missouri gal too...just north of Columbia and I sell my handmades thru Randolph Mercantile in Moberly. I would love to visit your shop sometime....hope I can make it there before your move!

Cinlyn said...

Oh...and I have seen that Naked & Afraid....WHO thinks up these shows?!!

Tonya VanderSlice- Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator said...

Hello, I just found you through youtube! I am new to the world of punch needle, and am wondering if you use your rug frames for punching? I am currently using an embroidery hoop and it is just not tight enough. I like the idea of not "hooping" my work so as not to create creases, so the idea of using the "grippy" frame is interesting. I have seen something similar, but much smaller. I would like to do some larger work, but was unsure how to do a piece bigger than the hoop. I am in Michigan, and the resources I have here are very minimal. Thanks for your blog and inspiration, and your advice!

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