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Monday, July 15, 2013

Quiet weekend.....ah!

We had a very quiet weekend at home since Jeremy is still recovering from his tonsillectomy.  I never mind a weekend at home just puttering around and actually got the chance to do a little painting which is the most relaxing thing to me.  Here's some pics I snapped this weekend....

The new Wool Street Journal is out!!  I submit a free wool applique pattern for each issue and this one is my "Remember" pattern.  Get yours today!

I feel like Sally Field...."you like it, you really really like it".  Corny huh, but it seems that my "All Hallows Eve" pattern is a hit both in pattern and kit form for both punch and rug hooking.  We are now working on it for wool applique...

Time to dye some more floss for the "All Hallows Eve" kits!

You cannot believe how many blackberries there are on this property.  Easily millions!!  Problem is that apparently these northerners (mom and I) are becoming acquainted with chiggers and not in a good way.  Nasty little creatures that make you itch like crazy.  So, I have to decide if I really want those berries and if so will have to dress like a beekeeper to get them.  Anyone have any tips for avoiding chiggers??

I learned today that there is a difference between a black raspberry and a blackberry.  These are blackberries.  Dammit, now I want a blackberry pie with vanilla ice cream..

Mom has finished whip stitching her "Stars and Flowers" rug.  At 50 x 62 inches, this took her quite awhile, but I think you'll agree it is well worth the effort.

A favorite summer recipe.....Black bean Salsa!
Great to have with chips or add to your salad.
1 can black beans drained and rinsed
3-4 roma tomatoes
2 stalks green onion
1 tbsp. minced garlic
2 tbsps. cilantro (or however much you like)
splash lemon or lime juice
salt and pepper
You can also add corn if you want..Yum!

I am not a gardener, but Mom tells me she's surprised at the Gladiolas in the yard.  Apparently you have to pull up the bulbs every year and replant them?  Seems like a hassle to me and my brown thumb.  These guys are here to stay, we didn't plant them so apparently you only have to do that up north.  

So, my hubby comes home the other day and tells me we have a dinner to go on the 25th and he is the speaker.  Ok, fine.  Well, later on I find out that it is a formal (glad I looked at the invite).  Ugh, buh bye skittles for a couple weeks so I can zip up the dress with ease.  

Speaking of hubby.....he did good!!  but, he is terrible with surprises.  Our 25th Anniversary is July 23, but this came the other day and he told me he couldn't wait for me to open it.  Good job, it's beautiful.  Guess what Mom said......"boy that would make a pretty rug"!  

Great heart shaped leaves in our yard.......the one detractor, these large black caterpillars are all over them.  Hey, there are a lot of critters in MO.  did I mention that?

Trusty ole Max on a walk with us!  Guess where Baxter was?  Off in the woods chasing a rabbit or something, that little troublemaker!

Sewing on a Sunday!

Jeremy is still down for the count, but slowly but surely showing signs of life.  He won't eat anything though.  I've bought mac and cheese, mashed potato stuff, jello, pudding, a shaved ice snow cone maker, gatorade, etc.  He's lost 14 lbs.  But, he does say he is ready for a cheeseburger!

....while visions of rabbits danced in Baxters head.......
Until next time......


ileyssilver said...

I have a sweet story. My son met his wife a week before she got her tonsils out. He was crazy about her from the first night on. So, he and I had taken a cooking class which he loves to do back a few months back before he met her and he chose to take her carrot soup that he made for her from that class.During a blizzard I must add. She told her mom about that carrot soup thing and her mom said to give that boy a chance. Good thing she did.They are now married as of June 16th 2012.

theoldtatteredflag said...

Awwww, that is nice!

primitive gatherings said...

The plate would make a beautiful personalized rug!!! I'd buy it for sure!!!

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