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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Look what I'm working on....

Mom and I have still been going to the gym everyday.  We like to go around 1:00 as not many people are there, or "no lunks" as the commercial says.  (Lunks are serious gym people.......we are not).  But, something always seems to interfere with our gym time so we end up going later in the day.  So, today the safelite guy is here repairing my husband's back windsheild.  It's 98 degrees and I think my gym time is slowing fizzling away. Boy the heat really takes a lot out of you!
 So, while I'm waiting I thought I'd sit and show you what I just cut out.  "All Hallow's Eve" will be available as a wool applique pattern very shortly.  I cut it all out in about 1 hour.  The vines are simply black yarn which I will run a small stitch in to keep the shape.  Keep watching for this. I also only have 5 blocks left for the Stars and Flowers wool applique so that big one should be along very soon too!

                  "All Hallows Eve" for wool applique                       
There is really nothing better than working with wool, even in 98 degrees!

Yarn for vines!

I had to snap another picture of our Gladiolas.  They are just beautiful!

.....and Christmas came yesterday with a big order of wool.  Keep watching for a few new ones to be listed to the website,   
Well, I guess I better go check on the Safelite guy and make sure he hasn't melted. I'm such a mother, I was sure to ask him if he was hydrating!  He probably wanted to say "Lady, please!!"

Until next time.....


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Great design--can't imagine working with wool in this heat!

We go to exercise (rehab) in the mornings when it is cooler--thank goodness people who are interested in their health (not their bodies)

theoldtatteredflag said...

I agree! Mom and I always say "let's go to the gym before all the "beautiful people" show up! It is quite comical to watch the young men and women, who have bathed in perfume or cologne, are in full make up and the perfect teeny outfits, while Mom and I have our big t-shirts on and are sweating like....pigs! Oh well, you are right, it's for health, not vanity at this point in my life...

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