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Friday, March 15, 2013

A little of this and a little of that....

It is really beautiful and sunny outside, probably close to 60 degrees.  Isn't it something how your attitude and mood improve with the weather?  I just love hearing the birds chirping outside and the peepers at night.  Spring is here in Missouri, I love it!  
Mom and I went to St. Louis yesterday to engage in a bit of retail therapy.  We succeeded!  We left Hobby Lobby with a cart full then headed to the mall.  There is no mall here in Rolla.......................the horror!!  So we have to drive to St. Louis to support our habit.  I'm not a big mall person, but really, no mall?  Sometimes you just need to SHOP!
So, with that, we've still been busy so here are a few things that have been happening over the past few days!!
Mom finished my "Antique Horse" pattern.  How beautiful!!  The background is our Old Green Blanket wool.  It really looks like an old rug, all the wools are nice and faded.
By the way, we still have the small sheep snippet holder left if anyone wants it.  It will be listed on the website and available to everyone, not just my bloggers very shortly, so get it now!!   

Faux tin signs I'm working on.  I posted these on facebook and got a lot of very nice comments.  From afar they look great, but close up I am still not happy with them so am going to tweak them some more.  They will then of course be available at
If you have one you want special made, just let me know!

I think the "faux" tin looks cheap so am going to redo the lettering!  I've figured out a trick that will make them look real!!
I've shown you this all finished.  "Easter Delivery" pattern and kit are available at
I hadn't shown you the yarn edging Mom did.  I love yarn and cord edgings the best.  If you want to see a video on hooked rug edgings, visit our youtube channel.  Click on the link below:
The Old Tattered Flag Youtube Channel

Close up of the yarn edging.  Love it, very professional edging!

Oh my goodness, look at Nancy's next project.  It is 52 x 60 and is designed by Patti at Saltbox Primitive Woolens.  

This is going to be visually stunning!

Color planning!

Nancy wanted a fall color scheme, I think these wools will do the trick!!  She got that amazing spot dyed piece I showed the other day on the blog!

Wow!! Teresa cut each square by hand!!  It is a queen size quilt!


Oh yea, here's another project Nancy is working on.  This one is designed by Barb Carrol.  I LOVE IT!!  Those great wools came from  who says I'm not a self promoter.....

Until next time!!


Robin ~ Bird In The Hand Primitives ~ said... to it all !!!
I love the blue background wool in the last rug picture ( uncle Sam driving a wagon )....what color is that ?? Is it for sale on your site ???

theoldtatteredflag said...

Hi Robin,
I love your blog as well, you do beautiful work. The blue wool mom did for Nancy's rug was a darker special order of our cadet blue. She could do some up for you if you'd like. Have a great afternoon!


appleberrycottage said...

The horse rug is simply amazing! I love the muted colors.

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