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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some beautiful quilts by Nancy, great dyed shirts and an Evening out....Nan

It's been strange here, business is a little slow this week, which is fine, because we are really trying to catch up on the never ending organizing, and trying to get some finished items made for the website.  We did have some local ladies visit the studio three days this week.  Nancy stopped by and showed up some of her handiwork.  My gosh, she is just so talented.  

Nancy's Be-Attitude quilt, man, this is just impeccable!!  I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the designer.  If anyone knows, let me know!

A beautiful blue work baby quilt made by Nancy!  

Oh and she has started the blocks on her hooked quilt rug that I showed earlier!!

I had some white shirts in my closet that I wanted Mom to experiment with.  I like tie dye, but it tends to really be too bold for me, so I asked her to try dyeing my shirts.  Well, they came out beautiful.  I showed them with the straw hat because I think they will just be so comfy and pretty with some white pants and sandals this summer.....

Dyed Cotton Shirt!

Dyed Tshirt!
and my favorite....a dyed linen shirt!

There are quite a few foreign officers stationed here at Fort Leonard Wood and this past Friday they hosted a dinner to show their appreciation to their American counterparts.  I HATE having my picture taken, so this is a big thing to be showing you our picture.  First, I have to explain the hair.  I am trying to grow out my layers, and....the water here does things to my hair that have never been seen before.  I look like I'm right out of the eighties, but oh well, I thought it was a good lead photo in to tell you about the wonderful evening.  I also want to tell you that I was not the only one with my camera photographing the food.  It was a wonderful evening, probably one of the best formal events we've been to in 25 years.  The foreign officers really know how to throw a party!!

An evening out for Mike and Julie......he didn't want me to use this picture because his bow tie is crooked, but, it's the one I like the best, except for that 80's hair I have going on.

Wow, look at that happy face, you'd think he doesn't like getting all gussied up!

I have been doing cycle one of the 17 day diet for about 2 weeks and have managed to drop 14 lbs, (thankfully the dress zipped right up) so I headed into this evening with a lot of apprehension about the 5 Course meal.  Gosh darn it, I tried to be good, but my reasoning was that it would have been rude not to eat, right?? That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  

The menu and a little treat for later!  

First Course ~ a pastry horn filled with greens with a sweet dressing, pate and brie!  It was delicious!

Second Course ~ Mango sorbet served in an illuminated ice sculpture...
Hmmm, this is neat, how can I get it home??

Third Course ~ Beef Wellington with side of seasoned veggies...

Fourth Course ~ Sugared pastry cone filled with vanilla mousse with fresh fruit on the side...I forgot to snap a picture of it before I dug in...You can't even imagine how good this was.  I did force myself to only eat half though!!

Fifth Course ~ Assortment of cheeses with crackers and Port Wine.. 

It seems silly to say this, but because I was really blowing the diet out of the water I brought home these for Mom, which is really saying a lot because this is my favorite chocolate....

The MP Table. The British officer at the end was our host, a very nice young officer!!
It was a great night!!
Until next time......

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thesimplethyme said...

Why does food have to be so darned beautiful!..what a special night. I love Nancy's quilts, anxious to see the rug finished. Hey nothing wrong with the 80's hair, sometimes I believe it's our best look!..enjoy your day..


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