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Friday, February 8, 2013

Rug Hooking 101 video is done!!!

Hi Everyone!!!  Just a quick blog to let you know that I finally got the Rug Hooking 101 video uploaded to Youtube.  If you haven't had the chance I recommend you first watch the blooper video, the link to that is:

We just could not get it together!!!!

The Rug Hooking 101 can be seen in two parts and it is easier to access from my main page.  The link is:

I really hope that all of you who have always wanted to try rug hooking will give it a try.  It's very fun and a great hobby to do with a bunch of friends.  Don't hesitate to email if you ever have any questions:

Off to St. Louis tomorrow to go to the boat show with hubby (ugh) followed by a trip to Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabrics for me (ugh for him).   Will post more this weekend, have some new things to show....
Until next time........


Gayle said...

Now that you've gotten the hang of filming great videos, you really need to learn how to make your links clickable! LOL Good job!

theoldtatteredflag said...

Yea, I know, I don't understand why the blog won't allow me to do that. Lol, well you know, Rome wasn't built in a day!!

theoldtatteredflag said...

Yay, I fixed the links so you can now click on them to access the videos!!!!!

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