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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nancy's rugs and hey, I'm in pain!!!

I had a nice chat with the New York ladies today.  They are still gathering every two weeks to hook and that makes me happy.  They call us to talk on speaker phone, or, if we are lucky we chat through skype.  It's nice to see what everyone is working on, but, they've informed me that we are not there to light a fire under their "butts" so they are working slower than normal.  We'll have to do something about that.  They also told me that I need to blog everyday.  I told them that I am really quite a boring person so sorry, there just isn't anything to talk about everyday.  I will say though that I have become even more lax here than I was in NY.  I told myself that when I got here I was going to get into a better routine, well, I still am sometimes in my pajamas at 3pm drawing patterns. There's nothing wrong with that right??  I'm lucky to be able to work from home in my pj's!!!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  
As I write today I am sitting here in pain.......self inflicted!!  I am back on weight watchers and decided to do this wonderful workout routine I saw on pinterest.  It says if you do it everyday for 2 weeks you will lose 10 pounds.  Hey, I'll give anything a try.  Well, I was proud of myself, I was able to finish it...............but, when I walked out to my studio shortly after I nearly fell down the stairs as my legs had turned into noodles.  Today the noodles are gone, but there is intense pain.  The worst thing is I haven't done the workout yet but am heading in after I write to do the damn thing.  I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!  
Nancy stopped in today to pick up her next project.  She finished her "Farm Friends" rug and is now color planning a wonderful star quilt and then is going to hook Polly Minick's 4th of July parade.  That's a huge rug but I can't wait to see it done.  I have shown you some of her work below.  
I made this cute little pin cushion for Mom for Christmas.  It took three little pieces of wool, some stuffing, some embroidery thread and something neat to mount it on, I used this vintage looking gold flower pot, then finished it off with vintage pins, safety pins and a vintage looking pair of scissors.  Mom loved it, but when I mentioned the other day the pin cushion that I made for her she look quizzical.  She didn't know I made it, thought I had bought it.  Gee, thanks Mom!!
Lastly, I just wanted to show you our new packaging for our kits.  I've been told it's like getting a gift.  I sure would like to receive one!!!  
Until next time.....

Nancy finished our "Farm Friends" pattern, she made the cow look just like one on their farm.  Nice job Nancy!!

Nancy binds her rugs with wool strips, just love the look, so nice and primitive!!

Another rug by Nancy, sorry I do not know the designer...

Here's a little, well, it's not so little pin cushion I made Mom for Christmas..
New packaging for our kits!!

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