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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Candles, Rugs and Mom in a headband!! What??

I always get these wonderful ideas, then when I'm in the middle of them I think, "who the hell thought of this".  That was "the 12 Cookies of Christmas".  I thoroughly enjoyed the comments from you all and knowing that we were passing our recipes along, but if I saw one more cookie, I was going to kill someone.  I could have just posted some random picture of the cookie, but NO, we had to bake and eat all of them!!  So, when New Years came around and I was faced with making a dessert for the meal I took the easy way out.  Thanks to Wal Mart for my favorite dessert, pecan pie, which I had one piece of and then promptly threw it away because I'm now back on weight watchers.  "The 12 Cookies of Christmas" helped me to put on 6 pounds over the holidays.  Oh well!!

No more baking for New Years day, thanks Wal-Mart...

Mom is going to kill me for this one, but I just had to show you our evening of a very fun game called "Headbandz".  You have to guess what you are by asking yes or no questions.  Sounds easy but it's not and just love the look!!

What a face!!!  Headbandz is THE game!!

I'm so happy to finally offer the best candle there is out there.  Trust me!  Both pretty and even better smelling I have 4 scents at the website, in our Odds-n-Ends section.  You won't be disappointed if you get one, there are limited quantities.

Americana Vintage Candles now available!!

Our Booth at Bear Ridge Antiques
......booth again....

Dee, a very nice lady, has offered us a larger space at her antique store so we spent yesterday filling it up. Hopefully we can bring rug hooking to more ladies in this part of Missouri!!

I saved the best for last, Mom has finished hooking her first of the five rug patterns I presented her for Christmas.  This one was specifically for her as I put her and my Dad on the top branches and myself and my brothers and sisters on the lower branches.  The hearts represent our spouses/significant others and children and the tiny heart coming off a heart (under Joseph) is his daughters daughter.  The background of the tree is our cornfield and the outer border is a darker version of cornfield.  Just beautiful!!

"Our Family Tree" hooked rug pattern now available!
Just stunning!

 I do have to say that 2013 is really starting off with a bang.  On Jan. 1 we received news that the furnace in our NY home was not working, then my phone died and last night I got a crack in my windshield.  Well, they say things happen in threes so I hope that's it for now......fingers crossed.

Until next time.....

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