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Friday, January 11, 2013

"Hell's joke" workout and my buddy!

My work buddy!
Ok, Annette, I'm writing on my blog again.  I told Mom I can't possibly think of anything to write everyday, but then sometime presents itself.  
I told you yesterday how I was doing this new workout in my quest to lose my "12 Cookies of Christmas" pounds.  So, today the pain is even worse.  But, it's located in one area, my quads (that's the front of your thigh's right?).  I cannot tell you the pain involved in going up or down a step and let's just say a trip to the bathroom is not fun either, too much??  So, today, it is near 70 here, we thought we'd take the dogs for a walk and I thought, what a good way to "loosen" up before the "hell's joke" workout.  Well, all was well until.................the squirrel.  I had Max and Baxter on the leash, although they are not little dogs, are quite muscular.  I was dragged, hobbling along, trying to keep up and, not fall on the muddy path.  Mom was laughing hysterically!  A thought occurred to me..................why didn't I just let go?  

So, I did get day three in of the "hell's joke" workout after the "leisurely" walk and the only thing that keeps me going is 1. I'm the most stubborn person in the world and it will not beat me and 2.  I did sense that it was a little easier today.  Here's the "hell's joke" workout (and that's my name for it)
1. 100 crunches
2. 90 jumping jacks
3. 80 lunges
4. 70 squats
5. 60 seconds running in place
6. 50 second plank 
7. 40 jumping jacks
8. 30 squats
9. 20 high knee lifts
10. 10 push ups

It's all bad, not going to lie to you!  I am not in shape, but I can walk for a bit and do my elyptical for a 30 minute stretch but this workout forces you to use muscles you haven't seen in years.  You are suppose to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.  Frankly I don't believe them, but, what can it hurt.......besides my quads!!

So, I thought I'd share a picture of my buddy.  Baxter loves to go to work with me everyday.  All I have to say is "let's go to the shop" and he's ready.  His spot is right on top of the couch.  I don't have any new stuff to show you, but, right now we are working on getting the 5 new designs hooked up, I am also hooking the Crow pocket purse and another flag purse that will be available in patterns.  We got in 8 new wools today and Mom has been dyeing up a storm so keep checking back to see all the new stuff.  Next week we will be having a January Funk Sale.  10% off all patterns, kits and wool.  You can really save some money so think about what you "need".
That's it for now.  I hope I brought a smile to your face describing my little leisurely walk...
Until next time....


marie said...

I'm hurting just thinking about doing your routine. What is 50 second plank?

theoldtatteredflag said...

Well, I'm pretty sure that planking must have been some form of torture in the day, but nowadays they say it strengthens just about every muscle in your body. You lay flat on the ground then raise yourself up on your elbows with your hands out flag and raise yourself onto your toes, all while staying flat. It's painful and 50 seconds seems like three days. and remind me again, why I am doing it?? LOL!

woollylottrugs said...

OMG I could NEVER and I mean NEVER do that workout. I'd be flat on my back for months! No wonder they call it the hell workout! Kudos to you for doing it for 2 days in a row!!!!!!!!!


theoldtatteredflag said...

Thank you but the way I'm feeling right now I'm not sure I'm going to make it another day!

Annette Kirker said...

Thanks Julie! I can't wait to see what today brings;) omg workout!! You make me guilty....I mean , try to work out. I think I will try "hell's joke" or maybe start with the
Walk, without the squirrel:) seriously congrats on 3 days, it really is a accomplishment it is good to be stubborn! Annette

theoldtatteredflag said...

Well I am still sore this morning, but it does fell a smidge better. Day #4 is today, notice how the 12 cookies of Christmas has turned into the 14 days of torture?

Annette Kirker said...

But look,how healthy you are. It's good to be bad! He he

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