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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New patterns for Mom, a drafting table for Julie and new candles at coming soon...

Americana Vintage Candles ~ coming soon to The Old Tattered Flag
 On January 15, will be having another sale on patterns, fabric, most everything.  But,we will be introducing the best candle there is also (these will not be on sale).  They are by Americana Vintage a wonderful family owned company in New Jersey.  The company is a Mom, Dad and Son.  They use only natural products so the candles are just so wonderfully fragrant.  The Dad makes the base then the Mom and Son dip the candles 7 times.  They are then hand rolled in natural ingredients such as evergreen, lemon zest, cinnamon, etc, then, the tops are frosted.  I'm not kidding when I say these are the best candles I have come across in 24 years.  Each one burns 120-150 hours, then, you can break up the candle and burn the outside in your tart burner.  Well worth the money and they are beautiful and primitive looking as well.  I have Evergreen, Apple Crisp, Homestead and Lemon Curd.  Each candle is $26.  If you need one now before I officially put them on the website, let me know.  Email me at

Our Charlie Brown tree cleaned up nicely...not bad!

Mom is obsessed with hooking and I haven't had a chance to get many new designs drawn up for her lately.  I do have a list of up to 20 designs in the works but had the opportunity to get these five made up for her for Christmas.  I am so pleased with the outcome of all of them and right now she is happily color planning all of them.  In fact, she has already started the Family Tree in wonderful warm primitive colors.

"Christmas in New England" Hooked Rug Tree Skirt Pattern

"Antique Horse" hooked rug pattern

"Claus" Hooked Rug pattern
"Our Family Tree" hooked rug Pattern

"The Homestead" hooked rug pattern

 A gift to me from Mom was my "Santa 2011" hooked rug pattern done up  in really primitive colors.  I tend to go for the dark colors more.  You can see below that she originally did in a brighter color scheme.  Actually I love that one too, but am partial to the darker one....

"Santa 2011" a gift from Mom in more primitive colors
"Santa 2011" 
My husband looked high and low last year for an antique drafting table for me for Christmas.  This year he found this one at a local antique store around the corner from us.  I just love it!!  I plan to do more watercolors this year sitting right here in the sunroom and there is a lot of storage in it.  Santa was very good to all of us this year, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well....

Merry Christmas ~ An antique drafting table

Until next time.....


paulette said...

OH my gosh...I love your designs...especially the tree skirt!! Just wonderful! I signed up to follow...your blog is full of eye candy!

theoldtatteredflag said...

Thanks very much Paulette!!

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