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Monday, December 10, 2012

In the works....

I'm having a blast this December, just enjoying the season.  Christmas shopping is certainly not done, but I'm getting there.  Business is nice and steady but not frantic, the house is decorated, except for the tree which will go in when the boys get home, so I am taking some time to work on some things I've been wanting to do, like sitting in my chair and punching.  
We go to so much trouble to make our houses presentable and then it can be "undone" in about 30 seconds when we pull out our hooking strips or floss.  Look at that ugly bin of floss, someone needs to go through it!!!  Thought I'd show you my corner when it's at it's ugliest!!

I'm working on some little punch purses and very happy with the first one.  It will be available soon.  I wanted to show it first right after I was done, then after a spray with some walnut crystal juice.  I much prefer the grungy look!!  For the background I mixed two lights.  

Keep coming back to read the blog as I will be starting the 12 Days of Cookies on the 13th, will have a Christmas tour of the house, plus have some pictures of my sisters primitive home and her neighbor who is a huge collector of her Santa's.  Lots of good stuff coming up!!!

I'm sure many of you do this but one thing I love to do during the holidays is throw some apple peels, orange peels, cloves, cinnamon sticks and a pinch of nutmeg on the stove on the lowest setting for "the smell of Christmas" naturally!! Yum!

Until next time.....


moosecraft said...

Great new pouch! Your stitching chair looks mighty comfortable!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Both ways it's beautiful, but I prefer it sprayed as well. I did pick up some walnut ink, but I think I need to water it down as it is very dark/strong. Your chair looks very cozy and the perfect spot to stitch. :)

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