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Sunday, January 22, 2012

New things and .....Winter is here!


Never a dull moment here with Mom and I always ready to try the next new thing.  As I mentioned in my last post we had been fooling with proddy.  I finished the border on my experimental sheep rug.  The jury is still out on it, though several ladies have jumped right on it saying they love it.  They think it's super primitive.........I'm not sure I like it, but truth is, it's very different!  Mom did a sunflower which is pretty, still, just not sure I like proddy or not.
The new pattern is one of 9 new patterns I will be adding to ebay and my website, today.  It's called "Antique Foral" and I can't wait to see it finished.  I am going to start punching it today.  I envision antique black for the background, nice rich colors.
Every once in awhile I have to get away from designing and computer work so like to fool with different things and the heart is the result of my latest venture which I JUST LOVE!  I made it from a piece of quilted material and papers.  The more wrinkled the better and the more texture in your fabric and paper the better as they will take the antiquing nicely.  I have two of these and they will both be on ebay and my website as well. 
Oh, the winter picture.  It's a vine in our backyard and when I got up this morning to let the dogs out the sun was shining on it so that it looked like a lit up chandelier.  Wish I could have gotten that in the picture, but still, it's very pretty.  But, I have to admit, the winter that held off for so long is finally here.  But, we are lucky, we have 38 inches of snow less than what we normally have.  Yes, you did hear me right. 
I try not to be negative and dwell on my dislike of winter (I grew up in Vermont, so am not a stranger to winter weather), but I REALLY hate the cold and the snow.  Mom joked, although it really wasn't a joke, that she hadn't left the house in 12 days.  She wasn't lying.  Problem is, I don't like intense heat either.  Where is the perfect place to live??
Well, I have lots of other things to share, just am really bad about finding the time to upload, so keep checking back, I'll try to be better.
Until next time.....

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