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Saturday, January 28, 2012

More new designs!!

You just have to love January, it's the month where you feel like you are going to go stir crazy if you don't get organized!  I'm slowly but surely getting there as far as computer work, fixing alot of things that have needed attention for quite some time.  (ebay, ebay, ebay)  I also have had this crazy burst of creativeness and the designs are just flowing. 
In the first photo you can see my "1831 Antique Floral" that I just finished punching last night.  It is very big at approx. 8 x 9, took well over 20 skeins of thread, but as you can see, very well worth it.  I used my own hand dyed threads and what a difference it makes.  Mom is hooking this one right now, I'll get a pic on when it's done. 
I have a new Animal series available.  There are actually four rugs; a Cow, a Sheep, a Pig and a Chicken.  This picture shows the first three of the series, but Mom is nearly done the cow.  Each pattern can be purchased separately, but i also have a design with all four in one rug.  (It's huge)
The Geometric table runner is growing on me, but I'm not a huge fan of geometrics.  I will have the pattern available this week on ebay and the website, http://www.theoldtatteredflag/.
Then, what would any blog update be without a nice photo of wonderful winter.  We had a day a couple weeks ago in the 40's, highly unusual for this area, so I took a walk in the back field and made up some grapevine wreaths.  Well in true North country fashion, here's what they looked like the next day.  I thought it was a neat photo! 
Well, off to Syracuse, my baby boy turned 18 yesterday and he wants to go to the mall and a movie, so we'll venture out. 
Until next time.....

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Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Oh my, I love the sheep!!! Geometrics aren't my favorite, but I am drawn to them for some reason. My mind sees them as nice and orderly, maybe that's why. I can picture yours in a blend of reds on my coffee table! :-)

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