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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Remsen Barnfest goodies and more....

It's been a busy week, when isn't it, right? Hubby comes home tonight so we've been trying to get all those things done that we've put off for some time. My mother motivated me to repaint his office and really deep clean it and I'm so glad we did, because it looks so good, very inviting. I've kind of taken over the whole house, so now he'll have his own little "nook" all his own to go to, we usually call it the "I love me" room as alot of his "certificates/awards" are hanging in there.
I haven't written since we went to the Remsen Festival of the Arts last weekend. I was naughty or in other words, very good to myself. The large pumpkin is hand carved from wood, a real treasure and I got the last large one!! The movers can't break that one. I got a cute little plant dragonfly made from vintage silverware. Mom and I both got little purses from The Vermont Bag lady. She has the best purses, look her up on her website. Also got some great dip mixes from judecraft specialty foods. These are the best dips, especially their garlic butter and bruschetta oil. Once you have them, you'll be a repeat buyer. I use to sell them in my shop and couldn't keep them in stock. Their cheesecake mixes are great too. So, a good time was had by all. Also got a great needle felted hat for winter and a beautiful warm fleece pullover. Great stuff!

You can also see my new "Bauble Board" for jewelry, that I painted on an old printer press drawer and I am now in the process of turning my Antique Butter Mold designs into punch designs.

It is 41 degress here today and rainy. My husband has terrible nasal problems and is looking forward to the cool, crisp fall air. He sure won't be disappointed!!

Until next time.....

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