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Friday, September 23, 2011

New things....

Well, now that the barn sale is done and I have gone through every attic box I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. So, I am able to focus on catching up. I probably sound crazy but sometimes it feels good to just catch up on house cleaning and laundry. That really means you've been too busy. I have also been diving back into new projects. I currently have two punch needle designs going. My "Autumn Romance" which mom is also hooking right now, and "6 Crows". I also have about 12 other new designs lined up right behind those.
As you can see I've also taken a little "me" time to paint, my favorite thing of all. I just love the colors of fall. I listed some new paintings on my website,
The COL T rug was designed by me and hooked by Mom as a gift for my husband who will be coming home after a year in Afganistan hopefully next weekend. We are going to try to repaint his office and have it hanging in there for him. The pistols represent Military Police which is his branch.
Tomorrow we are off to the Remsen Craft Fair. It's in the town of Remsen, NY and they close off the whole main st. It's a good one and I can't wait!! I'll try to remember to snap some pics and show you all.
Until next time....

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Courtney said...

Love the new designs. How great to hear that your dear husband is coming home soon! A big thank you to him for his courageous service to our country!
I think the colts are perfect!

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