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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weight Watchers Cake

So, I've been living the weight watchers lifestyle since my hubby deployed and am happy to say that I hit 45 lbs today. Woo hoo! I was a bit down because I hit a wall in January and didn't lose any for a couple of weeks, but I then learned that a plateau is when you don't lose for many weeks at a time. So, I started working out more, or trying to and was just more vigilant about what I am eating. I think I might have gotten a bit liberal with my points. I have learned though that I earn 6 activity points a day by exercising and can eat about 4-6 points over my daily limit and still not use all my weekly points, AND still lose. This week it is literally falling off, wish I knew what I was doing different.

Anyway, I got off track, which I often do. I made a cake I had heard about. Take any cake mix and mix it with any flavor of diet soda, a full can. The one I used averaged out to 4 points for a piece, if I divided the cake into 12 pieces, which is a good sized slice of cake. I used a chocolate cake mix with a diet dr. pepper. It is great! and it really opens up a whole new world for desserts because you could mix a strawberry cake mix with diet sprite, a vanilla cake mix with diet orange, the sky is the limit. And for toppings you could use fat free cool whip and fruit, low fat pudding mixed with cool whip, those great mousse mixes. Another great idea for the orange cake is after it's done backing and cooling, poke holes in it and pour sugar free jello over it, refrigerate it and top with cool whip. It's delicious! Another one I heard about is mixing an angel food cake mix with a large can of pineapple, juice and all for a nice fruit cake dessert. I'll let you know when I try that one.

I just wanted to share. It has finally clicked with me that I needed to learn to cook again. What makes me mad is the manufacturers of these mixes. They contribute to us being overweight. If it works to mix the cake with a can of diet soda, why do they suggest using oil and eggs? I could rant on this, but I will spare you all. It still is and will always be a daily battle for me and food, I don't think I've even had issues with food, other than I just enjoy it, but with weight watchers I still enjoy it, just different things and it's kind of fun to try out new recipes again. We kind of get in a rut with our cooking. Oh, and my teenage son really hasn't minded at all and has complimented me on my weight loss, which is huge! So, until next time..........


Courtney said...

Congrats on your weight loss!! I've done WW on and off. The points do give you a certain amount of flexibility...unless you keep cashing them in for chocolate! ;-) The cake mix with the diet soda is intriguing. Might have to give it a try!
To cake!!

theoldtatteredflag said...

Had a slice last night with just a scant teaspoon of nutella and fat free cool whip.......Wow, it was great!

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