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Sunday, February 20, 2011

So much to do, so little time! We have had a busy weekend. I am in the process of turning my hooked rug patterns into penny rug quilt patterns. I make them the same size and will provide templates of all the shapes needed and instructions. It's a huge job because I have to have each one made up as a sample so I can then write the instructions. We got about 6 cut this weekend (actually 2 of each, one to keep and one to sell) and have the pile ready to stitch. I also started my huge, 10" x 55" hearts about hooked rug runner that is just coming out so pretty that I really want to finish. I also have about 6 new patterns that have to be hooked and a stand alone sheep to hook and stuff. Where to even begin!!
I wanted to add the two most recent rugs mom finished. The American Sheep rug by Lori Brechlin is just breathtaking. It is so beautiful it almost makes me want to cry. It is proudly hanging in the wool studio now, but is for sale on ebay.
The hit of miss stars is a nice example of what can be done with all your left over hooking strips. It's super primitive!!!
Add to all this that I am having withdrawls from painting and when walking through Michaels today I discovered some neat techniques for textured painting. I have had some ideas for "raised" paintings for quite some time and I think I have found what I need, so I really want to play with them but just don't have the time right now.
It's so hard because with hubby deployed I want the year to go by fast, but I'd also like about 10 more hours in the day to get some things done. Oh well, I'm off to hook, until next time.........

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Courtney said...

Both of your rugs are gorgeous! I agree that your Mom's sheep rug is top of the line. I saw the listing on Ebay and you did a great job showcasing it. I hope it sells fast for you, although I don't know how you can give it up! You both sound super busy!! Have a good week.

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