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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lisa's Rug

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to show you the amazing rug my sister is almost finished hooking. It is room sized, meaning 5 x 7 FEET!! She has five yards of wool alone in the burgandy border. It is an amazing log cabin pattern. She has been hooking it for months and is almost done, but having some shoulder pain. She hooks..........differently, using more of her arm and shoulder so I'm sure that's what's causing the pain.

She is over from Vermont visiting us for a few days, you know what that means......Oscar party tomorrow night. We are all big movie fans and I think this will be the first time we ever get to watch the Oscars together. Fun!!

Today we are headed down to an amazing quilt shop in Syracuse called Mission Rose. None of us really quilt, but they have all kinds of neat fabrics, buttons, yarns, gadgets, books. We have all chosen some neat tunic style shirt patterns for Mom to sew and Mission Rose has a ROOM full of gorgeous, colorful Batik fabrics so we are just dying to get there. After that it's out to lunch and then over to Hobby Lobby, possibly Joannes superstore, LL Bean, who knows. Oh, and we love to hit the Salvation army for old wool and great used clothes. We went to one yesterday and I got a gorgeous Ralph Lauren wool shirt with a zipper and leather patches on the elbows for......$4.99. My sister got two brand new with the tags, vests, handmade from Ireland for 4.99 each. Unreal.

Oh, and Mom sold her Sheep Rug, it's off to a great new home in Ohio!!
So, we're off for the day! Until next time.........


Courtney said...

Stunning rug!! Wow, what craftsmanship! Congrats to your mom for the sale of that great sheep rug! Sounds like you guys have a great weekend planned! Happy hunting!

appleberrycottage said...

I am in awe of just a huge rug ~ it's gorgeous! Does she have a specific room she's made it for?

theoldtatteredflag said...

She thinks she will use it in her living room. I shudder to think of it on the floor with kids, dogs and husbands!!

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