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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's amazing how much better the weather can make you feel. It's still cold right now, but we are suppose to hit 40 tomorrow. The other day it was warm and we did lose quite a bit of snow, enough so that I can see the top of the fence in the yard. LOL! And, add to that that it hasn't snowed for about 3 days so I haven't had to plow! Ah, the small things!
I can feel spring around the corner, so I added a picture of the porch in the summer. This is where we gather to rug hook with a glass of lemonade! Memories!!!
Also included a picture of one of my latest designs just finished by my mother. It's my "Egg Plant" rug pattern. So cute and whimsical. So, a quick blog today, I'm off to draw up three more new patterns. Thanks for the comments ladies, they are uplifting, more than you know. Until next time......


Courtney said...

Your porch looks so inviting! I wish I was there! We're starting to melt here in MA. I'm loving it. Your "Eggplant Rug" is very cute...I think I've told you that, but it's always nice to hear it again! Glad that your shoveling is down to a minimum!! Go Spring!
Take care!

theoldtatteredflag said...

Thanks Courtney,
My hubby is from Taunton, anywhere near you? I know you guys have gotten alot of snow too because my mother in law is still there! Yup, you can really feel spring around the corner. When you have a few nice days it really boosts you!

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