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Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's been awhile...........

Phew, made it through the holidays. I haven't had time to blog since December 13th. Every year I say I'm going to stop working on Dec. 15th and take time to enjoy the holidays; bake, wrap, shop, enjoy Christmas movies. Well, it just never works out that way, such is the story of a mom I guess. In addition to the craziness of the holidays my patterns are really taking off. I can't tell you how good it feels to have a design in your head and see how other people love it. The picture I have added today is of an AWESOME rug that my mother hooked for my sister. The story is that they were yard saling in Vermont this past summer and came across a bunch of wool. Since my mother has a wool addiction she of course decided to purchase ALL of it. The lady selling it said, here you can have this too. It was the braided rug but the center section was all missing. It looked like at one time there may have been some kind of needlepoint design. So, my sister told my mother that she'd love to have it. So, mom asked me to design something for the center. We knew we wanted a design that would work from all angles. Mom cut out the old ruined needlepoint section and we fit my design in the center. She hooked it using all the wools we sell in the studio and "OH MY GOD". It is gorgeous! With light heartedness I have called my sister a bitch several times for first dibs. Side story is that whenever we go yard saling or antiquing the standard line for both of us is, "don't get ahead of me bitch". We both love the same things, LOL! So, she got first dibs on the braided rug and it made a wonderful Christmas gift for her.
So, I now find myself in that traditional New Years "organizational" mode. I am desperately trying to catch up on everything and do things right. It is my intention to get all my designs in hooking and punching done up as samples so that when we do shows we will have a sample to show.
The other two pictures are of the newest addition to our family. Meet Baxter, he is another Puggle that belonged to a friend of my son. They are moving to Germany and wanted him to have a good home. What have we done?? My gosh he is just so full of never ending energy. It's like having a toddler in the house again!! But isn't he cute?? Until later......

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