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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creating today!!

Well, Mom has gone to Vermont this week for a concert with my sister, bluegrass, not my thing, so I decided since we dont have any hooking classes this week, that I would paint. Well, it's Thursday and it hasn't happened yet. But, I do feel like I'm getting there little by little. You can only do what you can do right? Just so happens that my son's school has regents this week and he doesn't have any, so he's been home all week. I say home, but since he's 17 (today is his birthday), that means, "mom can you take me to the mall, can you take me to my friends, can you take me to school for practice?) So, needless to say, painting has taken a backseat. But, he is scheduled for his license in a couple weeks. I'll have gray hair knowing he's out on the road, but at long last I will not have to be anyone's chauffeur. I don't know what I'll do with all my free time..............right!
I've show you two of my newest designs. The Old Glory is from a painting I have done in the past and did again recently, I've also included the picture. PBS contacted us for a donation for their antiques and collectibles auctions, so I did the painting and Mom did the hooked rug, the larger one.
Both the large and small are available as patterns and kits, I am off to ebay and the website to list them both. I've decided to call the sheep rug "Shelter" as he is standing under the big flower for protection from the night or rain, whichever you choose. At first I wanted it to be a night scene, but sometimes the design changes as it's being made and we decided to go with a brighter flower and the brown background really seems fitting. This one will also be available on ebay and the website today as well.
That first photo is "the pack". We've gone from two dogs to a pack. They are funny!
Well, off to chauffeur again and then back home for a quick workout and some painting. Until next time.............

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