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Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter blahs!!!

I've got nothing!! No pictures of new patterns or cute dogs to add today. LOL! Sounds like I'm in a funk. I'm not, but I am sure sick of winter. As with most of you we are preparing for the big storm coming Wednesday. Actually my mother got back from Vermont yesterday determined to lock herself in her room and not come out until she finished all her loose end projects. I always joked with everyone that in the middle of winter I'd have to hand her her meals through the window in the door, but, I don't think that's a joke right now. At least she did get out of her PJ's and she did come downstairs for a bowl of soup for lunch!!
I must admit that with my husband in Afganistan I knew we were going to have a rough winter. You knows those old wive's tales that if the squirrels are busy during the summer or if the caterpillars have more brown on them (or something like that) it's going to be a rough winter? Well, we don't believe those, but I can sure tell you that if my husband is going to be deployed, plan on shoveling!! LOL!
So, I just wanted to update my blog to tell you that from here in northern NY we are at the "WINTER SUCKS" stage. It's early too! Share your thoughts on winter by hitting the "comment" button. We can all commiserate together. Until next time...

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Courtney said...

This is too much. Winter that is. I'm starting to have flashbacks from the winter of '78. We have a long narrow driveway and there simply is no place to put the snow. It's sad when you are glad that you've recently had minor surgery and that keeps you off shoveling duty. I did the lone girl shovel for many years! Keep the faith!
I'll keep your hubby in my prayers.

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