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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Huge Barn Sale

Well, I have been bringing stuff up to the barn for weeks now and I knew I had alot, but the other day my mother, mother in law and I went up to sort through it. OMG!!! What was I thinking. I joked the other day about the show Hoarders, but I think I could really be one of those people. I guess the only thing that really separates me is the fact that I can look at and say "have I used it in the last two years?" and if not, it goes. I still have to walk through each room in my house and see if I have everything. How did I ever think we were going to move. With the military, you are allowed a certain amount of pounds when you move, according to your rank. Of course rank pretty much equals time in service and amount of shit collected. Well, I guess 22 years in the service means we have accumulated alot of shit.....

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