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Friday, April 30, 2010

"The Situation" (no Jersey Shore here)

So, I have closed my shop in the back of my home as I thought we were moving to Washington DC. My husband was to be stationed at the Pentagon.
(this next part will only be understood by military people). We did not have an RFO in hand yet, though it was in the system. It was being held up by my son's expired EFMP status.
So, with that in mind, we went down to Virginia, signed a contract to rent a beautiful home, explored the area, so on and so on. We come back and were told "Surprise", we'd like you to stay. So, long story short, we are not moving. I was upset at first since I had started selling off my shop and we put the house on the market, but now I am at peace with it. Life has been pretty hectic the past 4 years, with 2 year long deployments, a son graduating from high school, going to college, having a shop, etc., so I have decided to simplify and focus on my folkart painting. I am in the process of turning my paintings into rug hooking and punch needle designs. (The rug above was hooked by my mother and has already sold. It was adapted from my "Saltbox and Sunflowers rug" I have had my website for 7 years now but have sold on the internet for 12 years and have always liked the pace of that. My time is my own but I can still sell and not be tied down to the shop. So, that's the story! I'm off to update my very neglected website now, look for updates over the next few

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