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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Searsport Hook-In

 Now that the vacation was over it was time to go to work.  My family flew home as they all had to get back to work and Mom and I pulled the trailer over to the West coast of Florida to Punta Gorda.  The Searsport hook in was held at the Port Charlotte Convention center and it was a lovely venue with an exceptional, very friendly staff.  Julie and Chris, the owners of Searsport were amazing and ran the event like the pro's in this business that they are.  It was a nice relaxed atmosphere and all the attendees had smiling faces for a solid 3 days.  

So it was time to get to work and set up our booth.  We had to do it without our roadie (or my husband) and, well, it was hard......but I think we did ok!

When time permitted I walked around to see the wonderful goodies the other vendors had.  Check out this gigantic rug that Betsy from Heavens to Betsy is working on.  I don't even know how big it was but it was huge.  She had only been working on it for two weeks!!!  She was using torn strips.  

Hi Eric (from Heavens to Betsy)

Attic Heirlooms from Maine, Trish Harriman

 Two Old Crows from New Jersey, Jeannine Happe

Anne and Nancy from Visions of Ewe, Michigan

Nancy Jewett from Fluff and Peachy Bean from Vermont

The Beeskep

Our hosts, Searsport Rug Hooking

My Sister's booth, Folk For All Seasons

Prairie Road Designs, Kansas

Several of the vendors gave free 1/2 hour demo's of a certain topic.  I talked about Punch Needle finishes and Mom did Color planning.  She purchased a pattern from Searsport and she, my sister and I all chose a color palette for her to show.  

Hook, hook, hook

I have to say, the best part of a hook-in for Mom and I is actually getting out from our day to day work and actually meet the people we see over the computer screen.  We met so many people here in Florida, from Donna's sweet smiling face, Ellens bear hugs and Tammi, what a sweetie.....when she heard that we hadn't had breakfast she showed up the next day with these cinnamon rolls.  You really can't imagine the warmth we feel when we leave a hook-in, having met so many friendly ladies that enjoy what we do and our silly antics.  Thank you ladies for saying hello to us!

Nothing gets 'em going like a colorful Valdani rack.

 Beyond those windows was the ocean!  What a beautiful view and again, a great venue and staff. 

The night before we headed back home we ate dinner right on the beach and I snapped this picture.  What a great picture to look back on to remember such an amazing week.

Until next time......

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