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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas time and the mall....but then wait.....

I've talked about special ornaments and Christmas songs and how wonderful they make you feel evoking special memories and just warming you from the inside. But then it comes.....that moment when you actually have to leave your house and start the shopping.  Mom and I went to the mall the other day.  It was pretty..... all decked out...

No, this is not our mall......I wish!

I do enjoy seeing the mall Christmas decorations and hearing the Christmas music playing, but about halfway through, it hits!...the mall fatigue.  I think mall air makes you tired.  I didn't really have an organized list so I was just wandering...I'm out of touch with kids toys so I was just hoping that what I chose would be something  my new nephew and nieces would like.  After about 3 stores I was ready to call it a day and frankly I was a bit cranky.  I wanted to link up with Mom and get out of there!!!
So, as I was heading to meet up with Mom I admired a little girl who had just stopped right in the middle of the aisle and was looking up at a large, silvery glittery snowflake.  It was then that I realized to re-evaluate my crankiness and remember what it was like when I was a little girl.  It was special to go to the stores and admire all the decorations and hear the Christmas music.  It was so special and the anticipation was almost too much to bear.  When would Christmas get here?  How many more days?  Have you ever really stopped and looked at the wonder in a child's eyes when they finally see that Mall Santa?  I just love it.  

My brother and his wife have a new bundle of joy this year and it makes me so happy to hear them say that they are going to get a "real tree" this year.  Just that one little thing means that their new little boy has made them see Christmas in a different light.  My boys might be grown now and though I've said this before, that Christmas is different, still special but different, I do have to remind myself to stop, breathe and remember just how special it is regardless of age.  We may be older and are experiencing "another Christmas" but I know that for me, it's important to not become too jaded by the "black fridays" and over indulgences and just remember for the little ones that they are seeing and experiencing things for the first time and they see them in such a wondrous way.  An important thing to keep in mind for sure during those busy holiday mall trips.
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  1. Wow, what a lovely provocative post. I have been totally disconnected this year. Not much of a shopper, I have avoided the malls entirely. Having experienced much grief and stress over the last several years my holidays have absolutely no resemblance to the happy days of before. Your thoughts have shaken me a bit, I will try to look from another view point. Thank You.

    1. Hello, I only today (Dec.26) have seen your post and I wish I had seen it sooner. I have to tell you that my Christmas spirit seemed to hit it's high around the 12th or so, but then we were not getting any snow or even cold weather so my Christmas spirit went away. I did briefly get it back though when I went out Christmas shopping by myself one day. Believe it or not though, I have really "felt" the spirit more by looking at others posts on facebook. It has been enjoyable seeing the different ways others celebrate the holidays. Most have shown pictures of being with family, grandchildren, etc. but then others have not talked of family, rather that they were going to serve dinner to the needy or they were going to spend the day doing something they really enjoyed instead of preparing a huge meal. Even my own sister changed things up a bit this year when her older son had to work Christmas morning. The holidays are never going to be like they were when our kids were little or even we were growing up, but I think sometimes we all have to look for that "spirit" in different ways. I know I'm going to try. Thank you very much for writing. I hope you find what you are looking for in the holidays!


  2. Thank you for your kind words. I should add that I lost my Son 4 years ago right before the holidays after an illness, he was 33. This was the worst year for me for some reason but I survived. No, it will never be the same but my faith carries me through the tough times. So glad that your Christmas spirit was revealed to your. Merry Christmas.

    1. I can't even imagine. I think the holidays are always meloncholy for most of us as we think of our grandparents or parents that have passed, but to lose a child.......and at this time of year! I'm glad to hear that your faith got you through. You will always be in my thoughts as I hope that each year gets just a little bit easier.


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