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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Where does the time go?

Time really does get away from me.  I was sitting down to upload photos from my camera and can't believe that it is already the 18th of January.  I can see that this year is going to fly by as fast as last year.
We started the new year full of new hopes, actually, they are are not new.  They are the same old "hopes".  I'm saying hopes instead of resolutions because resolutions seem to set you up for failure.  I "hope" I can be more organized this year.  I "hope" I can eat healthier and with that lose a few of these pounds that I have gained back.  With age comes a comfort with yourself and knowing that you never going to be a size 4 fashionista. (I never have been a size 4 fashionista so this was an easy realization)  I'll be happy with a size 12 pair of jeans and large comfy sweatshirt and just feeling good.  I definitely have a love/hate relationship with food that I choose not to go into too much because I also feel that that will set me up for failure.  My husband and I are both in our late 40' age where you realize that you have to start eating to feel good, not for the momentary good feeling it gives you but for the feeling you have after a meal, of not being gorged full or feel bad because you ate something fried.  I have always struggled with weight and always will, it's just a fact of life for me.  We've had much conversation about this in our household as I am the Mom and the one who does the cooking and brings the food into the house.  I am in a sense the "dictator" of how we eat.  That's a heavy load to carry, especially if you don't do well it well.  So, my "hope" for the new year is basically to stay healthy and that means eating the right things.
Back to the organization.....I like to say controlled chaos.  Everything is in it's place sort of, but I know where it is.  If you mess with my chaos it will really not be good.  This room below, my craft pantry is NOT controlled chaos.  This and the attic are on my list of "hopes" this year to get in shape.

 So, with January 1, comes the realization that the "oh look, it's snowing, isn't that pretty" becomes "damn it, if I have to shovel once more I'm going to kill someone".  My poor husband has plowed, snowblowed and shoveled so much in the last two weeks.  Luckily we are on a little hiatus for the past couple of days.  We had a couple of days where we measured in feet instead of inches and it was quite funny to let the dogs out.   Look at Baxter below, it's as if he's saying "seriously???"

and Max is saying "grass?  where are you?"

Then you look out one night and realize, ok, if I can just get through this month and next there is hope of spring around the corner.  

...but not Baxter, he told me to let him know when it's May!

So, with January upon us we decided to use the "Winter Blues" as our decorating motif in the shop.....

And with the beginning of January we start our new designs for the new year.  We are a little behind, as usual, but we do the best we can.  
Here is our new "Antique Hearts" hooked rug pattern.  I love the vintage look it has.  Mom chose wonderfully muted colors.  It truly looks 100 years old.  The pattern/kit will be available shortly in our Rug Hooking section at
It will also be available for punch and applique soon!

Mom also finished our new "Starstruck Hearts" design for hooking.  Just gorgeous!!  The pattern/kit is available now at our site.  Here is the link:
Starstruck Hearts Rug Hooking Pattern/Kit

..and she also hooked a new version of our "Butter Mold Flower".  For the pattern or kit click on this link:
Butter Mold Flower Hooked Rug Pattern/Kit

 I have been working on lots of new designs and converting them into Punch and Wool Applique.  Here is the Starstruck Hearts design in progress. I hope to have it done by the end of the day..

...and I did finish our WINTER design for punch.  The Pattern/Kit is in our punch needle section at the website or click on this link: WINTER Punch Needle Pattern/Kit

So, keep checking back as we are furiously working on ways to streamline our business, get new things in the shop and on the website, oh and I am currently building a new website to make things easier for our customers and trying to churn out new patterns as fast as I can .
Happy Winter everyone especially.....GO PATS!
Until next time......


Farmhouse prims said...

I sure would love to come to your shop. I want to thank you for your You tube tutorials for needle punch, I am just beginning to needle punch. You furbabies are loving the snow. Hugs, Lecia

Myra said...

Mind you I don't like to brag BUT for some reason we've had little snow this year so far .... cold -- oh yeah .... but very little of the white stuff. I'm waiting for luck to run out and it will no doubt. Love the new patterns. I must get motivated and start a project. My D-I-L made it a Old Tattered Flag Christmas for me .... loved everything! You girls take care .... hug all the doggies for me. :~)

Cheryl Reeves said...

Loving all the blue in your shop and the new designs.
So many goodies to look at.

Anonymous said...

I have the starstruck hearts pattern and would like to know what wool your Mom used to hook the pattern. Let know what wool and how much wool. I may buy the wool from you. Thank you Lura (

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