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Saturday, December 27, 2014

New designs for Mom and some other goodies!

So, as I mentioned yesterday, it was a very nice Christmas for us.  When I was asking everyone what they wanted for Christmas we all said, "we don't really need anything".  One of these years I'm going to take everyone up on that, wouldn't they all be surprised Christmas morning.  Of course, being a Mom I want everything to be just so, and so we always find things to give.  
Every year I unveil some new designs for Mom.  I say for Mom because whenever I give her a new design to hook she gets downright giddy and runs to the shop to start color planning.  I feel a bit selfish because they are really designs for The Old Tattered Flag that we will sell as patterns or kits, but she loves getting them Christmas morning and I love seeing her reaction to the new designs.  
This year she did have a couple of requests.  My younger brother got married this summer, a bit of a surprise, so she didn't have time to prepare and hook a wedding rug.  The year went on and we were so busy with the shop and hook in's that I never got to designing one and she sure didn't have time to hook it.  But, I did have the idea in my head and this is what I cam up with......

"The Wedding"
...and a couple weeks ago we found out that a new little one is on the way, so Mom wanted a baby rug as well.  Pretty basic, but I'm sure Mom will choose the perfect colors.  I do like the added touch of the teddy bear sitting on a braided rug.

I love this one below "Two hearts as one".  Very primitive and geometric.  She's already chosen some awesome, earthy colors for it.

Here's another very geometric, Magdalena Brunner type design.  Not sure of a name yet...

This next one is my favorite...."Liberty Eagle".  I have an Eagle hanging in the downstairs bathroom that was used as the inspiration for this one.  

...and here's a nice simple design to add to my "skinny series".  "Spring Tulip" will be pretty with our Old Thymey pastels with perhaps a mottled antique black background?  Can't wait to see it finished.

 Here's a beauty that Mom gave to me for Christmas. I think it is called "Antique Hearts" by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios.  I love the colors Mom chose!!  

I also got a cute little braided rug snippet bowl that I'm already putting to good use!

 I finally got some UGGS.  There's a reason!  My boys say "geez Mom, your just like a teenage girl".  Not really, I've never been what you would call a fashionista or trendy.  I have this bad habit of running to the post office in a very ugly, old pair of moccasins everyday.  So, my logic was I should ask for a pair of comfy Mocassin looking boots for Christmas and this is what I got.  Good job Hubby, they are soooo comfy.....

Only one problem........I can't get them on by myself.  Until I get them broken in I will need assistance!

Then practical me asked for things that are needed.  Our knives are all so dull, how about a new knife sharpener....

and a new food processor....also got those neat connectable crock pots.  Practical me! slippers and socks....

 ...and here's Jeremy with his new Mac....

 ...and here's hubby reading the instructions for his new GPS....

Yes, we had a good year and are very lucky, this I know.

Mom and I have been taking a much needed break in between holiday madness and orders to sit and breath....and hook.  
Here's progress on my "Midnight Clear"....
...and Mom's progress on our Butter Mold Flower design...
..and she recently finished our "Farm Friends" design.  This is her second one, she sold the first one....

So, now that Christmas is over we all have the overwhelming urge to diet and organize.  Why does this happen?  I wake up every morning and say "I'm not eating a thing today", then it all goes to hell.  I am not saying the word "diet" for 2015, only "lifestyle change".  I'll talk about that later....

So for now we enjoy the week between Christmas and New Years day with some much needed breather time and then will dive in to the new year renewed. 

Have a great weekend everyone...
Until next time....


  1. Amazingly, the thing that stood out to me the most was the socks. I want some like that! ;)

    1. Yes! I got some great socks from a local store called herb Phillipsons and my sister gave me some from the Cabot hosiery in Vermont. Love em!

  2. Looks like the holidays wore out the furbabies.
    You have designed some wonderful patterns. Can't wait to see how beautifully your talented mom hooks them.
    You will LOVE your Uggs. SO warm and comfy.
    Happy New Year.
    Hugs :)

    1. Thanks Lauren, I'm excited to see what she does with them too!

  3. Your midnight clear rug is going to be beautiful. What is the size of it?

    1. Thank you. Midnight clear is a Lori Brechlin design adapted by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios. It's a great pattern and its large, approx 38 x 44....

  4. The farm friends rug is awesome!
    Looks like your Christmas was wonderful.
    Nice new designs and I am looking forward to seeing them hooked up!
    Happy New Year!


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