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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kinderhook Hook-in.......

 Phew, what a busy couple of weeks it has been.  First I have to apologize to the wonderful ladies from the Kinderhook Hooking Guild.  I normally like to get orders out right away, but with the Grand opening of our shop the week after the hook in I had to focus on getting that ready.  I was able to tell most of you who were waiting for an order, but I may have missed a couple of you.  I was thankfully able to get everything out this week but please know that it normally doesn't take me that long.  In fact, I have to say that to everyone because we did get a little behind and orders that normally would go out in a day or two were behind.  Please know that we are CAUGHT UP and it's business as usual from now on.  Mom and I can honestly say that ahhhh we have caught up, can focus on filling orders, running the shop and CREATING.  
I have so many ideas just bursting to get out and plan to do some drawing today but first wanted to get these wonderful photos from the Kinderhook Hook - in on.  There were some absolutely gorgeous rugs being worked on and the women were so proud of their work as they should be.  
Enjoy the photos.....

Just what I love to see, the art of hooking being passed down.  This young girl hooked all day with her Grandmother.

Here's me having flash.....I had to stick my head out the window for a moment!!

This lady was the winner of our donation door prize!!

Hey, I recognize that pattern!!

...and these two as well!!


 So, as you can see there were sooo many beautiful rugs and talented ladies.  Betsy, Eric and Erica, we can never thank you enough for your hospitality.  We LOVE this group and will come back whenever we are invited.

Now that Mom and I are caught up, the creative juices are flowing.  Before the Grand Opening I was able to get some new designs drawn up.....

Here's a sweet little chair pad that I drew for Mom years ago.  We've had many comments on it as it sits proudly on a chair in my home so I decided to make it available.  
Here's the link:
For Hooking: Heart and Stars Chair Pad 

 And I've had this guy in mind for quite some time.  I was very happy to get him drawn up.  Mom is nearly done hooking him so look for the finished photo in the next blog post.  I am almost done punching him as well. 
 Here are the links:
For Punch Needle: Kringle Punch Needle Pattern

Here's a cute gal.....
For Hooking: Snow Angel Hooked Rug Pattern
  For Punch Needle: Snow Angel Punch Needle Pattern

...and I wanted to do a smaller stocking than the larger Stocking 2014 in my last blog post, so we made up this cute little guy, Elf Stocking.  It is 9 inches from the top to the heel.  The hooked one comes in a kit with the pattern and all the wool cut for only $20...
Here's the links:
Elf Stocking Hooked Rug Kit
Elf Stocking Punch Needle Pattern

This next beauty was designed by my Sister.  She adapted it from an old Tavern Trade sign and actually gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago.  We are going to collaborate on rug designs.  I will be adapting some of her gorgeous folk art pieces into hooked rug designs.  Keep watching for those.
This beautiful pattern is available now, here's the link:
A. Hawley's Inn Hooked Rug Pattern
The kit will be available soon as well as the punch needle pattern.

 If you have the time, take a look at our "Needfuls" section as we added lots of goodies that we are carrying in the shop.
Here's some of them......

...and last but not least, be sure to check out our "Artsy Phartsy" section for new tshirts.  

 So, as you can see, we've been busy.  Keep watching as I have many more things to show you and as I always promise, I will try to be better about writing.  This time I really mean it!  Have a great weekend everyone...
Until next time....

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