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Sunday, September 14, 2014


I really do have to apologize.  I have quite a few different ways to keep in touch with everyone.  Facebook is by far the best, because it's so easy for me to snap a picture and post a quick comment, then there is my blog and emails.  In my blonde brain I thought I had made the shop opening announcement, but when I came here today to write I realized I had not!!!  Apparently some of you do keep an  eye on us though because we have been busy.  Don't worry if you are close by because we actually only had a "soft" opening weekend on the 4-6th, then had to close this past weekend as we ventured down to the Kinderhook area for their fall hook-in.  But, the exciting news is that we will officially be OPEN next weekend, Thursday - Saturday with Saturday being our Grand Opening from 10-5.  
Here are some pictures of the shop before our soft opening...

Shop entrance, hard to believe this use to be a garage.

Our ladders will hold our woolens until our new shelving is built.

The project table between the beams just as I wanted..
A little sitting area around the ugly but much needed heater, for those North Country winters.

Here's that "free" counter top I showed you in my last post.  It really came out so much better than I thought it would..

Some mounting boards and dip mixes next to the punch needle fence...

The "pattern bin" to the right with the Stars and Flowers rug draped over it...

The Punch section....

Rug Hooking and Crazy Doodle Pumpkin kits...

Pattern Bin again...

We want our customers to come in, have a cup of coffee and a biscotti or cookie and stay awhile.  We hope you will sit at the table and color plan, or just take a break in between the browsing...

The first ones to see the shop were our local ladies and their reactions really made our day.  They had seen pictures but remarked how it was better in person, which I was glad to hear.  Another great hooking day was had....

Some cross stitch designs Jill had done in her youth and some by her Mother (was that right Jill or was it your grandmother?)

Our "1831 Antique Floral" punched by Tamara, given to her Sister as a gift. 

and here's Tamara holding another beautiful design....

So after our Thursday hookers left I told Mom that I didn't really expect much business as I really hadn't officially advertised just yet, but was pleasantly surprised to have a nice steady weekend.  JoAnn (such a nice lady) brought her sisters in and I'll be, they sat at the project table just like I envisioned!!  They were fun!!

I am really truly in my happy place.  Sometimes when the shop is closed I'll just walk in and turn on the pretty light over the counter and sit and look around.  The room is so "warm" in color and inviting.  I created a playlist of soft music and love to just be there..

In the old glass counter top that I found I knew I wanted to showcase some jewelry that I designed but had made by Tommi Crystal designs.  Check out her website, she has some great charms and other goodies  Here are some pieces she has made for my shop.....

All the charms are listed on our website, in our "Artsy Phartsy" section.  Here's the link:

With getting the shop open and preparing for the hook in there hasn't been much time for anything (maybe a little bit of sleep), but I did manage to draw up this AMAZING and very prim stocking.  It is HUGE at 33 inches long.  Mom as usual did a wonderful job color planning and hooking.  We have another one planned with reds.  If you are interested in this pattern or kit, here's the link:

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you the amazing rugs the ladies in Kinderhook were working on and tell you about our weekend.  Below is what the shop looks like right now.  We had just gotten it all set up when we had to tear it apart to bring goodies down to Kinderhook.  Tomorrow we put everything back and start preparing for the grand opening next weekend.  Busy, busy!  Lots of great things are planned so keep watching and more details to come about our Grand Opening!

....if this isn't a Fall moon I don't know what is!

Until next time.....


  1. The shop is wonderful and your selection of goodies makes me drool. Oh I wish you were closer. I hope your "opening" is successful.

  2. Oh Julie,
    Everything just looks wonderful. I am very excited for you. Wish I could visit some day.

    1. I wish you could visit too, if you are ever in the area stop on by!!

  3. Ohhhh how lucky you all are. I have nothing like your wonderful shop nearby. It is so inviting and I feel sooo inspired by all the candy you have displayed. Now I will have to go and shop.
    Much success as I know it will be a favorite place for everyone.

  4. Absolutely amazing and gorgeous! After all that hard work it is time to enjoy!!!! Wishing you many happy years ahead! :-)

  5. OMGosh, Julie!!! What an amazing shop you have!! The fruits of your labor is truly shining through!! You and your mom must be in seventh heaven! I think I would have to sleep in that shop for a few days....just to take it all in!! GORGEOUS!! If I'm ever in upstate New York....I'll be sure and stop!!

    1. YES, please stop by if you are ever in the area....:)


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